Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio Has Sexual Assault And Kidnapping Charges Dropped

Charges against former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio have been dropped, as updated court records as of December 10 (via PWInsider) show that the case has been closed.

According to the court reports, a witness for the criminal trial — which was set to commence in just a couple of days — was missing, resulting in the charges against Del Rio being dropped. As a result, the case is officially closed, and Del Rio’s bond has been returned as well as his status being free and clear going forward when it comes to this particular case.

The case stems from an incident that occurred last year, when Del Rio, whose real name is Jose Rodriguez Chucuan, was arrested in May after he allegedly became angry with his significant other and accused the woman of cheating on him. He then allegedly destroyed her cell phone and laptop and tried to burn her passport. The alleged attack started around 10 p.m. on May 3 and continued until 2:30 p.m. the next day.

Other allegations include Del Rio hitting her head and shoving a sock in her mouth. The plaintiff says she didn’t consent to sexual activity with him, and that Del Rio sexually assaulted her with several body parts including his penis.

Michael J. Morales Torres, Esq., the Press & Public Relations Director for Lucha Libre Online, shared the following statement about the news:

We want to formerly announce that from today, December 10th, 2021, the Honorable Judicial System of the state of Texas has officially dismissed Alberto Rodriguez, known in the wrestling industry as Alberto Del Rio or Alberto El Patron, of all the charges presented against him. Alberto Rodriguez has been dismissed of all the charges presented against him. We want to thank the Texas Judicial System, the United States legal system, The Rodriguez Family, Alberto’s legal team, his friends, and Lucha Libre Online for always supporting him during this process. It was a long process, but at the end, the truth came to light. Alberto’s focus will be to get to back the squared circle he felt in love back when he was a child. Alberto will be restarting his career inside the pro wrestling and combat sports industry. Thank you for attention.

Del Rio previously denied the allegations; his comments are available here.