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Booker T Wishes Jeff Hardy The Best; Says AEW Is The Last Place He Needs To Be ‘Right Now’

Booker T wishes Jeff Hardy the best after being released this week from WWE and says that out of the ring is where Jeff may need to be at this moment. According to a report from Fightful, Hardy was let go by the company after an incident at a WWE house show occurred and therein was offered rehab by WWE. Hardy reportedly turned that option down and was let go. Hardy, a surefire future Hall of Famer for WWE was wished well by the current two-time Hall of Famer in Booker T on his latest Hall of Fame podcast with Brad Gilmore.

“I wish Jeff the best,” Booker said. “Just like I said on Tuesday right? I said the situation, he’s been on the road a long time, he’s going through a lot, put his body through a lot. This situation right here is going to take the company to make a decision, to slow him down, to say, ‘Hey, let’s do this so we can get back to that,’ or ‘Hey, if you want to do that, we’re going to let you go over there and do that.’ I said exactly that and what that means is, ‘Let’s get you some help.’

“Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy. Those guys are WWF originals,” Booker continued. “Those guys were literally created through the WWE and that brand through so many years. I’m sure a guy like Jeff Hardy as well as Matt Hardy would have had a job there forever, doing something. I’m not just talking about in the ring,” he said, noting of Jeff’s track record of success with WWE. “I know the company wouldn’t just get rid of Jeff, throw him out to pasture, things like that, whatever. Sometimes guys want to go out their own way and there again, we’ve heard, I was just talking on Tuesday as well as far as how many stories we’ve heard from the fans and they’re all great stories and I say, from every great story, this guy like Jeff Hardy who’s going through so much on the other side where it wasn’t so great. Hopefully he’ll find a soft landing more than anything and that may not be in the ring.”

Booker noted of the intriguing option to Jeff and fans alike of the legend hopping to AEW, but from a personal well-being standpoint, Booker knows that wouldn’t be in Jeff’s best interest.

“I know people gonna be calling for him to be going to AEW and whatnot. I’m sure that’s already the talk out there, but I think that’s the last place he needs to be right now. From a monetary perspective, you’ll always be ‘checking,’ okay? So that right there can motivate you to go do work when you really don’t need to. My thing is, hopefully he gets the help he needs.”

You can check out the full episode of The Hall Of Fame with Booker and Brad below:

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

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