deonna purrazzo
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Deonna Purrazzo Appears At ROH Final Battle, Challenges Rok-C

Rok-C and Willow fought it out for the ROH Women’s World Championship at tonight’s ROH Final Battle, and after Rok-C won to retain her title, she was surprised by none other than Deonna Purrazzo. 

After taking down Willow with a Code Red, Purrazzo made her way out to the ring. The former IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion said that she plans on taking back the belt from Mickie James at Hard to Kill. From there, she said, she’ll take Rok-C’s belt, challenging her to a winner take all bout to which Rok-C eagerly accepeted.

For a recap on Rok-C’s match, check out our coverage of the match below courtesy of Colin Tessier:

The match is a stalemate early on. Willow slams Rok-C to the mat and catches the champion’s signature moonsault knees. The challenger is in control, and she has a counter for everything Rok-C throws at her. An Angle Slam earns Rok-C a two count. “The Prodigy” takes Willow down with a hurricanrana and plants her with a side Russian legsweep. Willow escapes the Rok Lock (crossface) and pounces Rok-C.

The two competitors trade blows, and Willow blocks the Code Rok. She slams the champion and gets a two count. Willow gets a two count with a stalling superplex. Rok-C hits the Code Rok for the three count.

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