braun strowman
Photo credit: AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images

Adam Scherr (fka Braun Strowman) Appears At ROH Final Battle

In a stunning surprised, Adam Scherr — formerly known as Braun Strowman in WWE — appeared at tonight’s ROH Final Battle pay-per-view. 

After Violence Unlimited took down Taylor Rust, Eli Isom, EC3, and Tracy Williams in a vicious six-man tag team match, things got chaotic. EC3 helped Isom up to his feet, where he said that there is no honor in what wrestlers do when he do it for corporate wrestling and three-letter brands. He went on to say that their leaders have failed them, and both Dak Draper and Brian Johnson come to the ring.

EC3 tells Johnson he has lost everything, and that’s what makes him so dangerous. He says this is a call to arms, as they can take this industry back by controlling the narrative. Westin Blake and another individual named Fodder come to the ramp while EC3 tells Johnson and the others he can give them their freedom, but they have to fight. Adam Scherr (Braun Strowman) then showed up and attacked Johnson and the others, clearing the ring in stunning fashion.

EC3 says this isn’t an invasion; it’s an awakening. Scherr slams Isom to the mat and plays to the crowd. EC3’s army takes Johnson and the others to the back.

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