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ROH Wrestling Results (12/13/21): EC3, PCO And More Compete

This past weekend, Ring of Honor delivered an eventful episode of ROH Wrestling. In two compelling bouts, EC3 faced Eli Isom and PCO battled Sledge.

ROH Wrestling Results 

Originally aired December 10, 2021

Report by Colin Tessier for Wrestlezone.com

Falls Count Anywhere Matc: PCO vs. Sledge

“The Metalhead Manic” takes the fight to PCO, and the two powerhouses trade blows. Sledge gets a trashcan, puts it on PCO’s head and blasts him with a big boot. The brawl spills outside the ring. The two men keep exchanging strikes. “The French Frankenstein” slams Sledge into the barricade.

PCO bashes Sledge with a trashcan, but “The Metalhead Maniac” drops PCO with a back bodydrop onto a ladder. Sledge slams PCO onto some chairs. The former ROH World Champion hits a rope-walk Frankensteiner. Sledge blocks the PCO-sault. The two men trade chops at ringside. PCO blasts Sledge with a chair and hits a top-rope senton through a table for a two count.

“The French Frankenstein” hits Sledge with a chair again. Sledge returns the favor and tackles PCO off the barricade and onto the floor. “The Metalhead Maniac” hits the Detox DDT on the stage. PCO sits right up, but Sledge sends both men crashing off the stage and through a table with a DDT for the win.

Winner: Sledge

Miranda Alize vs. Chelsea Green

Alize and Green feel each other out. Green gains the upper hand with a hip toss and a dropkick. Alize rolls out of the ring and makes Green chase her for a few laps. “The Lucha Baddie” hits a dropkick and slams Green into the barricade. Alize plants “The Hot Mess” with a hurricanrana. Green rallies and drops Alize with a Codebreaker.

The two women trade blows, and “The Hot Mess” catches Alize with a missile dropkick. Alize drills Green with a knee to the face and hits the Go to Sleep for a two count. Green sends Alize face-first into the turnbuckle. The Allure distracts Green at ringside, and Alize capitalizes by dropping Green with a cutter. Alize hits the Drive-by for the win.

Winner: Miranda Alize

EC3 vs. Eli Isom

In a pre-match promo, EC3 tells those who want to be freed to give them his hand because he can free them. He says this is the time to control your narrative. Meanwhile, Isom tells EC3 that greats like Jay Lethal and The Briscoes have taught him what honor is all about, and he’s going to pass that on to EC3.

The two men feel each other out early on, and Isom gains the upper hand. EC3 keeps fighting, but Isom continues to control the bout. He rocks EC3 with a dropkick. The former world champion sends Isom crashing to the mat. EC3 grounds Isom and suplexes him. He sends the young star crashing chest-first into the turnbuckle.

EC3 suplexes Isom on the floor. Isom rallies with a flurry of offense, but EC3 slams him head-first to the mat. Two more powerbombs give EC3 even more momentum. Isom perseveres with a series of strikes. He slams EC3 to the mat and gets a two count with a backslide. Another suplex has EC3 on the ropes. Isom sends EC3 to the outside with a springboard dropkick. A moonsault to the outside leaves both men down.

EC3 takes control by targeting Isom’s leg and plants him with an Olympic Slam. Isom drills EC3 with a forearm, but EC3 chop-blocks him and slams him face-first to the mat. EC3 makes Isom tap out to The Purpose.

Winner: EC3

After the match, EC3 gives Isom some words of advice, but the camera doesn’t pick them up.

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