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Bobby Lashley Added To WWE Championship Match At WWE Day 1

Bobby Lashley has earned a shot at the WWE Championship at WWE Day 1, but he had to overcome a daunting task to do so.

Lashley kicked off WWE RAW on December 13 by making his entrance with MVP and demanding a shot at the title. He was quickly interrupted by Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and the champion himself, Big E. Rollins and Owens made it clear that they didn’t want Lashey to get added to the title match at WWE, but Big E noted that he’d have no problem beating “The All Mighty” again.

 From there, WWE Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce interrupted the confrontation by announcing that if Lashley could defeat E, Owens, and Rollins, he’d earn his spit in the match at WWE Day 1. 

In his matches against Owens and Rollins, Lashley made relatively short work of his opponents. He absolutely dominated Owens and made him tap out to the Hurt Lock before the hold was even fully synched in. During his match against Rollins, though, Owens ran to ringside and hit Rollins to disqualify Lashley. In doing so, he hoped to end the powerhouse’s chance to earn a title shot.

Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce subsequently gave Lashley another opportunity by restarting the match, and the former champion  promptly hit Rollins with a Spear for the victory. 

In his final match against Big E, which was also a No Disqualification Match, the two Superstars clashed in what was a hard-hitting contest. In the end, “The All Mighty” overcame interference by Owens and Rollins to walk out with a win after he dropped Big E, who had been attacked by MVP, with the Spear. As a result, the WWE Championship Match at WWE Day 1 will now be a Fatal 4-Way bout; Big E will defend his title against Lashley, Owens and Rollins.

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