Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Wardlow: I’m Going To Build Up My Name And Become The Future CM Punk Or Bryan Danielson

Wardlow is one of the most impressive powerhouses in All Elite Wrestling, but he, like many other names on the company’s stacked roster, must fight to stand out among names like Bryan Danielson and CM Punk.

During a recent appearance on Busted Open, Wardlow described how he’s focused on working hard and building up his status as a star so that he can match and evenually surpass the icons who are currently on the roster.

“I might not have that name, but I’m gonna be the person that builds that name,” said Wardlow. “And I will be the future CM Punk, the future Bryan Danielson. I’m gonna be above and beyond that because look at me. I am things they are not. So it’s just more of a reason I believe if I continue to work this hard, that I will be undeniable, and there’s no possible way somebody backstage can look at me and tell me I don’t belong on TV.”

Wardlow has enjoyed a remarkable year in 2021; alongside The Pinnacle, he has quickly turned into a buzzworthy star. But “Mr. Mayhem” stated that 2022 will be even better.

“I think we got a bigger year coming in ’22,” said Wardlow. “You know, ’21 saw Wardlow in high-profile, high-pressure matchups, you know. You don’t see me every week, but when you do see me, it’s usually something special. Now as we end the year, you have been seeing me a little more, and I think we’re gonna continue to see more of me. And that’s why I say 22 I think we have a lot more to come.”

Many fans continue to wait for the day when Wardlow finally turns on MJF. In doing so, the powerhouse would likely step into the spotlight even more than he already has. When asked about his alliance with the leader of The Pinnacle, Wardlow noted that his contract with MJF isn’t permanent and teased that the future of this pairing is up in the air.

“You know MJF and I, we strictly have a business relationship,” said Wardlow. “That’s all it’s ever been, it’s all it ever will be. He pays me to make sure his jaw isn’t wired shut. And thus far, his win record and the fact that he’s still talking his s— every week, I think I’ve done pretty well at my job. However, that contract isn’t forever. And the way he treats people, you know, we’ll see what the future holds with that.”

Wardlow will face Matt Sydal at AEW Winter is Coming on Wednesday night, and he’ll hope to pick up a win to gain even more momentum heading into the new year.