Photo Credit: Facade (via Twitter)

Facade Announces MCL And PCL Injuries, Possible Six Month Recovery

Bad news for Facade.

Last night, independent wrestling star Facade announced that he suffered a torn MCL and PCL during his match in OVW over Thanksgiving weekend.

The injury will require surgery and Facade will face a potential six-month layoff to recover from the injuries, as he explained in a lengthy Twitter statement.

“Had a follow up appointment to review MRI and other tests yesterday. As it turns out, I have a torn MCL & PCL. Some folks have some questions & I’ll do my best to inform you. The injury happened the Tuesday before Thanksgiving during an OVW untelevised match, I got a little frazzled, I allowed

myself to lose focus, & I injured myself. After my initial doctor’s appointment, I honored the remaining 6 of my commitments. Thankfully the promotions and my opponents were all very understanding. The normal recovery time for this kind of injury is about 6 months. The surgeon asked to see clips of some of the things I had been doing since I got injured and he was laughing, punching my arm & calling me a crazy son of a gun. He also said I shouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing & given my current mobility we’re hoping that my recovery is far sooner than that. I’m in good hands. 15 years & this is the 1st major injury, so I can’t complain. I was really worried this last handful of matches we’re still up to the #NeonNinja standards & I had 122 matches this year, but it only took a second to make a mistake & put you in check. This was mine.

Keep your eyes peeled as the Dani Mo star continues to rise. Until then I will be sending my love from afar.”

Everyone here at Wrestlezone wish Facade a healthy and speedy recovery.