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Kristian Harloff Praises Booker T’s Talent As An Entertainer: He Nailed Every Moment

Kristian Harloff sees how Booker T truly understands the connection between wrestler and performer.

Kristian Harloff recently spoke with WrestleZone about Movie Trivia Schmoedown, the trivia series that just hosted “Schmoedown Spectacular VI” on December 4. Harloff worked with Booker T for the show in the past, and he spoke about just how Booker got it all and praised his abilities as an entertainer and promoter.

“He’s absolutely brilliant, and I’m just such a fan of him in general, but being able to really get to know him over the last couple of years. But going back to that getting him involved in the storyline thing, I said to Brad [Gilmore, Schmoedown analyst and Booker’s Hall Of Fame co-host] I’d love to get Booker involved in this. He’s like yeah, Booker would love to, and Booker came in, and we were in his office, and I went in to go see him, and we’re talking, and he’s like, ‘so what’s the storyline? Like what would you want me to do?’ And I told him once, and he said, ‘tell me one more time.’ And I told him, and he goes, ‘I got it.’ I was like, okay, and it was a lot. I’m like, he’s probably just gonna do his own thing, and that’s fine.

“The dude hit everything I asked him to do. He threw in a couple of things that obviously make Booker, Booker. But he nailed every moment. And he’s just — he’s Booker. So he made this stuff work, and the crowd popped at the right moment. He added some new flavor to it. And I was like, ‘This is why he’s one of the greatest because you just see what he did.’ And again, that was just such a great kind of geek-out, mark moment for me. Because here I am creating this thing now and working with Booker in his wrestling arena and watching doing exactly what you just said. He just gets it. He knows how to sell it and then being on his show on ESPN, where he’s talking about it. He’s a fight fan in general. So he understands the mixture of all that, and you’re absolutely right. He’s the perfect guy to be involved with us, and I’m blessed that he’s embraced it the way that he has.”

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