Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR/Ian Storck

Beer City Bruiser: The Bouncers Would Be A ‘Perfect Fit’ With NWA, I Also Want To Return To Japan

With the news that Ring of Honor will be going on hiatus for the first quarter of 2022, stars like Beer City Bruiser are now on the open market. The 22-year veteran, a member of The Bouncers alongside Brian Milonas, is getting ready for his next chapter, which already looks promising.

During a recent interview with The Turnbuckle Tavern, Bruiser named NWA and New Japan Pro-Wrestling as his two top destinations. He stated that he’s been talking with the NWA, as they were his first call after the news about ROH’s short-term future broke. Bruiser then recalled how The Bouncers previously wrestled for the promotion before the pandemic, and he thinks they’d be a “perfect fit” there now. Likewise, he shared his belief that he and Milonas could thrive in Japan, so he hopes to return there, pandemic permitting.

“NWA,” said Bruiser. “Brian Milonas and I have been talking to the NWA. We wrestled for them before the pandemic, we were supposed to be in the Crockett Cup before the pandemic, and they were literally our first call, was the NWA. We both were like hey, we fit in so well when we were there the first time. It’s a great locker room. We know like, I obviously broke in with Trevor Murdoch, [Milonas] broke in with Aaron Stevens/Damian Sandow, they broke in together. And whenever [ROH] shut down, we reached out and we’ve been talking to NWA, and that’s where we both wanna go. We figure as the Bouncers like that’s a perfect fit, is us with the NWA.

“I’ve also been talking to some of the New Japan crew so that when that opens back up, hopefully I can get back to Japan and bring Brian with me because I think two big ugly, you know, American bastards could run roughshod in Japan. And I did it before, I want to do it again.”

As Bruiser noted, he wrestled in Japan during the ROH/NJPW tour in 2018, and it’d be interesting to see him mix it up with the promotion’s top stars now.