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ROH Wrestling Results (12/20/21): Top Prospects Compete

This past weekend, Ring of Honor delivered an eventful episode of ROH Wrestling. Several top prospects competed, and ROH Pure Champion Josh Woods faced Dak Draper.

ROH Wrestling Results 

Originally aired December 17, 2021

Report by Colin Tessier for Wrestlezone.com

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers and previews the show; she recaps the history of the Top Prospect Tournament.

Eric Martin vs. Adrian Soriano (with Primal Fear) vs. Joe Keys vs. Rayo

Rayo showcases his fast-paced offense early. Soriano briefly takes control. Keys slams Soriano wih a takedown; he then suplexes Soriano while he suplexes Rayo. Martin and Keys square off. A powerbomb and a big boot give Martin some momentum. Rayo gets a two count with a butterfly backbreaker on Soriano.

Martin gains the upper hand with a flurry of offense. Keys hits Rayo and Martin with a double-team DDT/Gory bomb-like move. Rayo drills Soriano with a penalty kick at ringside. Martin dives onto Primal Fear outside the ring. Rayo pins Martin with a springboard elbow drop.

Winner: Rayo

A video clip recaps Mike Bennett’s and Matt Taven’s previous wins in the Top Prospect Tournament.

Matt Makowski vs. Dante Caballero

Before the bout, Rocco comes to the stage and mentions ROH’s uncertain future. He hypes up Matt Makowski as the first overall draf pick of pure wrestling and emphasizes his background as a MMA fighter. Rocco then reveals that Makowski is his client.

Caballero and Makowski feel each other out with technical holds. Makowski takes control with some MMA-like submission holds. MM drills Caballero with a kick to the chest. He snaps his opponent’s arm and wrenches it in an arm-bar. Makowski nails Caballero with some forearms. Caballero rallies and slams Makowski for a two count. Makowski gets a two count of his own with a butterfly suplex.

A back fist blasts Caballero, but he floors Makowski with a boot to the face. In the end, Makowski makes Caballero tap out to an arm-bar.

Winner: Matt Makowski

Another video clip recaps Lio Rush’s win in the Top Prospect Tournament, along with the subsequent triumphs of Josh Woods and Dak Draper.

Josh Woods vs. Dak Draper

Dalton Castle comes to ringside with some hot dogs. He enters the ring, holding a hot dog in each hand, and shares his excitement for the match. Castle says this bout is missing spice and excitement and emphasizes his desire to win a Golden Globe. Woods denies Castle’s request to turn this match into a title bout.

Castle calls Woods boring and leaves the ring with “The Mile High Magnum.” The former ROH World Champion says Woods is “ruining ROH”, and Woods changes his mind, so the match is now for the title.

Woods and Draper feel each other out, and the champion makes Draper use one of his rope-breaks early on. The two competitors continue to exchange technical holds. Draper drills Woods with a closed fist and gets a warning. “The Mile High Magnum” superplexes Woods and controls the bout for a bit, but Woods rallies with a gutwrench suplex. Draper fires back with one of his own.

The challenger gets a two count with a powerslam. Woods rocks Draper with two knees to the face. Draper uses his final rope-break to avoid a pinfall defeat. “The Mile High Magnum” powerbombs Woods for a two count. Woods plants Draper with his Gorilla Slam (Tombstone throw) for the win.

Winner and still ROH Pure Champion: Josh Woods

Next week, Rok-C will defend the ROH Women’s World Championship against Holidead, and the show will feature the annual ROH Christmas Tag Surprise.

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