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Bully Ray Compares A Dudley Boyz Tag Team Match To A KISS Concert

When you witnessed a Dudley Boyz tag team match, Bully Ray hopes it felt like you were attending a KISS concert.

Bully Ray was a recent guest on The Wrestling Perspective Podcast to discuss his hall of fame wrestling career. When asked what it felt like to transition from a tag team to a singles wrestler, Bully Ray said once he got past the nerves of it, he embraced it.

“I loved it. Loved it once I got past the initial nerves of it,” Bully Ray admitted. “Because as a singles, you know when you’re in a tag team match if you blow up, or if you need a second, you can always tag out. Me and D-Von always prided ourselves in the fact that we weren’t going to be on the cover of Muscle and Fitness, but you would never blow us up ever in the ring. But then, you knew you could always tag out if you needed to. Now, as a singles guy, all you have to do is rely on your own. And I remember like in the WWE; I had a singles match against Kurt Angle. I think I had a singles match against Eddie Guerrero. I remember real nerves during those times. I was like, ‘Oh my god, can I really do this on my own? Could I really do this on my own?’ Thank God I was in there with guys like Kurt and Eddie who could help me along in that singles match.

“But I got over this real quick in TNA, and the minute I started to hit my stride. I embraced it. The difference for me, the challenge for me was mental because I think in terms of four, not in terms of two, I think in terms of how to keep the action constantly moving. There’s never a lul and Lars to me; it’s all rock and roll, man. A Dudley match is like going to a KISS show. We’re gonna start off with ‘Detroit Rock City.’ We’re gonna play ‘Shout It Out Loud.’ We might bring you down a little bit with some heat and ‘Beth,’ but then we’re gonna go home with ‘Rock And Roll All Night.’ We’re gonna blow fire, spit some blood. Thank you, goodnight, we’re KISS.”

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What do you make of Bully Ray’s comments? Do you agree a Dudley Boyz tag team match is a lot like going to a KISS concert? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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