JONAH Wants To Be The Talking Point Of ‘Hard To Kill,’ Breaks Down ‘Baddest Man In The Yard’ Promo

JONAH is ready to make a statement against Josh Alexander at Hard To Kill.

JONAH recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of his match with Josh Alexander at IMPACT Wrestling’s Hard To Kill pay-per-view. JONAH targeted the former IMPACT World Champion when he debuted at Turning Point in November, and he said that fans are in for a real fight on pay-per-view.

“I think it’s going to be a fight. I think myself and him have so much intensity and we have had a similar path to professional wrestling. He spent a lot of time in Canada trying to find his way and get seen, I was the same way in Australia. We came up very similar paths to get where we are now and I think — I want to steal the show always, I want to be the talking point of what the pay-per-view is — Josh is very much like that as well. I think what’s going to separate us [from the rest of the show] is it’s going to be very hard-hitting for sure.”

JONAH isn’t looking past Alexander, but he was asked if he’s sticking around for a potential showdown with Moose in the future. JONAH confirmed to WrestleZone that he’ll be with IMPACT at least through April’s Rebellion event, then noted that they squared off once already and he’s looking to even the score and collect a title in the process.

“I 100 percent want to be World Champion for IMPACT Wrestling. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wanna be World Champion and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want to be a champion, you always wanna be THE guy. I do want to wrestle Moose again, whether he’s champion after Hard To Kill or not. We had that match for PPW [December 2020’s PPW Open Season] and it ended in a double count-out, so there’s no definitive winner and we need a definitive winner with that match. There’s some of me being the immovable object and him being the unstoppable force, so it makes for a great matchup.”

JONAH was not known for his promo work in WWE, which was mostly a result of not getting much time to show off his skills. He did get to branch out a bit during his brief alliance with MSK, but now finds himself getting a chance to speak for himself and he’s doing it with conviction.

A recent episode of IMPACT Wrestling saw JONAH cut a promo about his Hard To Kill match where he also declared himself the “baddest man in the yard.” Asked about continuing to show a strong character and making the most of his television time, JONAH said that promo came from a very real place and he hopes to continue getting more opportunities like that in the future.

“That’s 100% of my own [volition]. I’m hoping, in fact, to keep that going. Keep giving me that avenue to cut those promos. It was something that I wanted to do more in WWE, but there’s only limited time on TV, and they have their people that they consider talkers. And I was very much I can talk, but they wanted me to be that big guy in [NXT]. Foremost, they wanted me to be that. And my story was about me finally getting to WWE, chasing the gold and that’s sort of what I did with the North American Championship. But I’ve always been such a creative person that I like to speak, and I like to tell stories.

“And I was so happy with that promo that we were speaking about, the ‘Top Dog’ promo, that was all 100% my ideas. Nothing was written for me. It was me that’s a true to life story with my dad, where he did spend a little time in prison. And that happened to him. So I think whenever you can tell parts of your life and do it in a creative way, it comes across so much more authentic on-screen. And I’m very happy that I was given that freedom with IMPACT Wrestling, and I hope to continue to do so.”

JONAH faces off with Josh Alexander at IMPACT Hard To Kill on Saturday, January 7. Check out our full interview at the top of this post where JONAH also speaks about rebranding himself, his inspirations, working for New Japan and PWG and much more.

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