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Kevin Nash Didn’t Book Himself To End Goldberg’s Streak, Explains Motivation Behind The ‘Finger Poke Of Doom’

The ‘Finger Poke Of Doom’ is still one of the most controversial moments in professional wrestling history, but Kevin Nash says it was a collective decision to try and get the WCW title off of Goldberg and back on Hulk Hogan.

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently appeared on Dr. Beau Hightower’s YouTube Channel and would delve into two of the more controversial decisions late in WCW’s run, ending Goldberg’s streak and the infamous “Finger Poke Of Doom.” Nash ended Goldberg’s famed winning streak at Starrcade on December 27, 1998, and then dropped the WCW World Heavyweight Championship back to Hulk Hogan in infamous fashion eight days later.

The January 4, 1999 episode of WCW Nitro took place inside the Georgia Dome in Goldberg’s hometown of Atlanta, and Nash explained why people who blame him for booking it all in his favor have it wrong and what the ultimate goal was.

“It wasn’t booking. I did not book myself to win that match,” Nash said before he asked who started the rumor that he was in charge. “I think Bill put it in his book. I tell people all the time and they say ‘yeah, but you booked yourself to beat him’ and I say ‘so, I booked myself to beat him then turned around and six days later decided to do the ‘Finger Poke Of Doom?’ Like that was my creation, that was my idea?’

Nash then said it was a collective idea to not only make him the winner at Starrcast, but also the premise behind the infamous moment on Nitro.

“Everybody. We wanted to get the belt back on Hulk [Hogan]. We knew Bill [Goldberg] was the guy that we wanted to go with and we basically wanted to create a kind of a universe where he had to go through, ya know, eight of us to get his title shot.”

Nash then closed by talking about teaming up with Diamond Dallas Page after Scott Hall left the company, and said that the idea that he helped kill WCW is preposterous.

Nash is set to make his first appearance for Game Changer Wrestling at the promotion’s “Most Notorious” show in Detroit, Michigan, on January 14.

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