WWE Raw Results

WWE RAW Results (1/3/22)

WWE RAW ResultsWWE RAW Results 

January 3, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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The lights go out in the arena. When they come back up, Paul Heyman is standing in the ring. Heyman announces himself and introduces us to his client: The new WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar! Lesnar joins Heyman after tossing the ring steps into the ring.

In-Ring Segment: Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar

Lesnar stands on the steps like a podium. Heyman hands Lesnar the mic. Lesnar says he wants to give a shoutout to his buddy Roman Reigns. Lesnar tells the crowd to acknowledge him. After having a good laugh, Lesnar thanks Heyman for pulling the strings to get him the title match this past Saturday. Heyman lets us know that he did negotiate Lesnar’s free-agent status and Lesnar getting in the WWE Championship match at Day 1. Lesnar is going to DEFEND the championship at Royal Rumble against the winner of the fatal four-way match tonight. Heyman runs down Reigns and says one week without him and he caught Corona. Heyman runs down everyone in the match tonight.

RK-Bro vs. Alpha Academy

A brawl breaks out before the match starts. After the break, Gable and Otis are working over Riddle. Otis leaves the ring to attack Orton from behind. As soon as Otis gets back in the ring, Riddle levels him with a knee strike. Riddle tries to RKO Otis but Otis reverses it into the World’s Strongest Slam for the win.

Winners- Alpha Academy

Backstage, MVP says Bobby Lashley has a Herculean task tonight. MVP laughs and walks away. Lashley says Lesnar fears him.

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