WWE NXT New Year's Evil Results
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NXT New Year’s Evil Results (1/4/22)

NXT New Year’s Evil Results

January 4, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Championship Unification Match: NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes w/Trick Williams vs. NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong w/Diamond Mine

As soon as the bell rings both men tear into each other.  Hayes and Strong trade arm drags and pin attempts. Hayes feints a kip-up and turns it into a surprise enziguri.  Strong proceeds to light Hayes up with chop after chop. Hayes counters Strong’s running elbow into a kick to the back of the head. Strong is hung up in the ropes. Hayes springboards into a leg drop. After a series of hip toss reversals, Hayes manages to land a DDT on the apron. Hayes goes up top but Strong avoids him.

Strong turns Hayes inside out with the sick kick. After the break, Strong is working over Hayes. Strong lands multiple backbreakers in a row. Hayes surprises Strong with a head-scissor into a facebuster. Strong kicks out But Hayes turns it into a crossface. Strong almost reverses it into the Stronghold. Hayes reverses it into a Boston crab of his own. Strong manages to actually lock Hayes in the real Stronghold. Hayes kicks his way out of it but later ends up walking right into a uranage into a backbreaker. Hayes kicks out again.

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Strong and Hayes trade strikes. Strong lands a flurry of elbows followed by an Olympic Slam. Hayes kicks out again. Hayes lands a suplex into a cutter. Strong kicks out. Inside cradle by Strong. Hayes kicks out again. Strong tries the End of Heartache but Hayes lands on his feet. Superkick by Hayes. Hayes goes up top. Strong cuts him off with a head kick. Strong tries to suplex Hayes off the top but Hayes turns it into a facebuster for a near fall. Hayes hits his diving leg drop off the top for the win.

Winner and NEW NXT North American Cruiserweight Champion, Carmelo Hayes!

In-Ring Segment: AJ Styles

Styles says he didn’t start in NXT but he has a soft spot for it; he respects NXT and everything it stands for. Styles isn’t going to let someone like Grayson Waller crap on that. Waller interrupts. Styles challenges Waller to a match. Waller says yes, but next week so they can be the main event. Styles and Waller get into a brawl. Before Styles can hit the Phenomenal Forearm, Waller rolls out of the ring.

Riddle and MSK vs. IMPERIUM

Barthel takes down Carter and traps him in a modified armbar. Carter lands a flurry of strikes. Aichner tags and runs over Carter. Lee tags in and lands a few strikes. Aichner catches Lee’s foot and levels him with a lariat. Riddle and WALTER tag in. WALTER destroys Riddle with a chop. Lee and Carter land a series of combo moves. WALTER tags in and clears the ring. WALTER hangs Lee in a tree of woe. Aichner and Barthel land stereo kicks to Lee’s face. After the break, WALTER is working over Carter. Carter manages to tag in Riddle. Riddle suplexes WALTER clear across the ring. Senton by Riddle.

Riddle sets up a double hangman’s DDT but WALTER breaks it up. All of IMPERIUM out of the ring. RIddle and MSK all land dives. Back in the ring, Riddle hits a German suplex. WALTER kicks out. WALTER catches Riddle with a running dropkick. Powerbomb by WALTER. Riddle kicks out. Aichner and Barthel land the European Bomb. Carter breaks up the pin. IMPERIUM tries it again but Lee breaks it up. MSK hit their finish on Aichner, Riddle lands a Floating Bro. Barthel charges in the ring but eats an RKO  from Riddle. Riddle pins Barthel.

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