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Baron Black: Satnam Singh Will ‘Surprise A Lot Of People’

Fans are still anxiously awaiting the debut of Satnam Singh to All Elite Wrestling after the former basketball player signed with the company. However, recent comments from Baron Black hint that Singh is coming along nicely in his training.

“I’m at [the] Nightmare Factory regularly, on a very regular consistent basis so, I’ve interacted with him [Satnam Singh] a lot,” Baron Black said in an interview with Andrew Thompson. “I have been training partners with him a lot. He’s training there closely with the coaches so, he’s coming along very nicely. I think he’s gonna surprise a lot of people. He definitely has the ability and all the characteristics and all the tools needed to succeed as a professional wrestler and most importantly, he seems to have a passion and drive for wrestling which is a recipe for success with any athlete coming from any other sport because they already have that condition in them.”

Black went on to say that Singh has the passion that most successful wreslters require, and with his huge frame, he’s got a step up on everyone.

“They already have that passion for what they do so they already try to be the best at what they do and he has that and him being damn near 7’4, he’s gonna be a problem when it’s all said and done and it all comes together at the end so, I’m really looking forward to when he finally gets to debut because I think people will be pleasantly surprised at what he can do.”

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