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Interim TNT Champion Crowned At AEW Battle For The Belts

Sammy Guevara is once again a champion in All Elite Wrestling.

AEW Battle For The Belts started with an interim AEW TNT Championship bout between Sammy Guevara and Dustin Rhodes. Sammy picked up the win and became the Interim TNT Champion, holding the network’s title for the second time.


Full results from our play-by-play coverage page are below:

Interim AEW TNT Championship

Dustin Rhodes v Sammy Guevara

Dustin hits a shoulder tackle before Sammy rebounds with an armdrag, then Sammy talks some trash and both retreat to their respective corners. Sammy showboats a bit before Dustin connects with a dropdown uppercut, then Sammy floats over for a near fall before Dustin hooks the top rope to avoid running into a strike. Sammy goes outside and Arn Anderson flips him off, then Dustin unloads with several chops to the chest before Sammy slams his head into the barricade. Dustin stuns Sammy with a piledriver on the floor, then gets back in the ring and follows with a spinning powerslam for two.

Dustin throws some chops in the corner and connects with some mounted punches, then Sammy fights back and sends Dustin out to the floor. Sammy connects with a double springboard somersault dive on the floor, then he gets back in the ring and goes for a second one but Dustin surprises him with Cross Rhodes for another near fall. Dustin pulls himself up in the corner and heads up top, but Sammy hits him in the back and connects with a GTH for two. Dustin narrowly kicked out, then Fuego Del Sol appears and sets up a table, but Arn Anderson chases him up the ramp.

Dustin and Sammy then fight on the apron before Dustin connects with a Canadian Destroyer through the table on the floor. Dustin gets a two count, then he hits two consecutive Cross Rhodes and goes for a Tiger Driver. Sammy superkicks him and knocks him down, then we get a few reversed rollup attempts before Sammy hooks Dustin for the win.

Winner and NEW Interim TNT Champion — Sammy Guevara 

David Crockett presents the title to Sammy, then Dustin congratulates him on the win. Daniel Garcia then runs in the ring and attacks Sammy before the referees break it up. After the break, Sammy tells Tony Schiavone that he’s issuing an open challenge, and wants Daniel Garcia on Dynamite this week.

Cody Rhodes was pulled from the title match because he’s not medically cleared, and it was implied that Guevara versus Rhodes will take place at a future time.