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W. Morrissey: I Never Doubted That I Could Come Back To Wrestling And Become A ‘Top Guy’

W. Morrissey is a mountain of a man, and you can’t teach that. He has used both his physical strength and his emotional perseverance to overcome the odds and rise to the main event scene in IMPACT Wrestling. At the promotion’s Hard To Kill pay-per-view, he faced Matt Cardona and Moose in a Triple Threat Match for the IMPACT World Championship.

In an interview with Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda Wrestling, which was taped before IMPACT Hard To Kill, Morrisey described his goal to become the face of the company and stated that, even through the setbacks he has dealt with, he never doubted his ability to be a top-level star.

“[Becoming the face of the company] would mean a lot, man, especially with everything that’s happened over the past few years, and just kind of constantly believing in myself when a lot of other people didn’t,” said Morrissey. “A lot of people wrote me off, but there was never a point in time where I didn’t think that I could get back to wrestling and become a top guy. And yeah I went to IMPACT to become the face there, to be the top guy.

“Becoming the face of IMPACT Wrestling, it would really mean a lot to me, especially only being there for eight months, to come in and be their guy within the first year of being there. It would mean a lot to me, and hopefully, that would mean a lot to the company also.”

In the past, Morrissey has thrived as a face, but he is currently climbing to the top as a heel in IMPACT. When asked whether he’s more comfortable when he’s playing the bad guy, he explained that it’s “easier” to be a heel. Morrissey noted that, as a performer, some people will always boo you, and faces aren’t allowed to fight back against this criticism.

“I think I’m more comfortable as a heel,” said Morrissey. “I think it’s a lot easier to be a heel, I think it’s a lot easier to be mean. It’s really hard nowadays to be a babyface because no matter how many people like you, there’s still gonna be certain people that wanna stand out and they’re not gonna like you because liking you is what everybody else does, so they think they’re cool. So you’re constantly getting attention in a negative capacity, and you can’t respond to it because you’re a babyface.

“You just have to take it on the chin and just keep moving. I’m gonna keep fighting a good fight, and you can’t fight back or you can’t verbally go back at somebody that comes at you in that sort of fashion, and I think it’s incredibly hard nowadays to be a babyface, I really do. So being a heel right now is, I find it a lot easier, for me, from my experience. ”

Morrisey came up short at IMPACT Hard To Kill, as Moose retained his triple threat match. But it’s safe to assume the powerhouse will keep chasing the title

The video is available here.

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