WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Results (1/10/21)

WWE RAW ResultsWWE RAW Results 

January 10, 2021

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

Backstage, Bobby Lashley is with MVP and they are watching Lesnar on a monitor. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander walk in. Alexander says they are happy to have the Hurt Business back together. Lashley tells them both to hit the bricks. Lashley works alone now. Back in the ring, Heyman does his classic introduction for Lesnar. Lesnar is giddy with excitement. Lashley’s music hits. VP and Lashley walk down to the ring.

MVP introduces Lashley to the crowd. Lashley tells Lesnar that it’s an honor to be in the ring with Lesnar. Lashley says with all due respect, he knows Lesnar has been ducking him for 20 years. Lesnar says with all due respect, its an honor to be in the ring with himself. Lesnar says Lashley wasn’t on his level so he had no idea who he was until Day 1. Lashley tells Lesna he’s a comedian. Lesnar tells a knock-knock joke:

Lesnar: Knock Knock?

Heyman: Who’s there?

Lesnar: Bobby.

Heyman: Bobby who?

Lesnar: Exactly.

*Slaps Knee*

Lesnar adds it’s impossible to beat Brock Lesnar if you are a Brock Lesnar wannabe. Lashley stews while Lesnar drops the mic and walks away. Benjamin and Alexander attack Lashley from behind. Lashley quickly dispatches both of them.

RAW Tag Team Championship Match: RK-Bro (c) vs. Alpha Academy

Riddle and Gable grapple on the mat. Both men end up getting tied up in the ropes. After locking up again, Riddle almost traps Gable in a modified armbar. Gable gets to the ropes again. Gable runs into a kick from Riddle. Riddle flattens Gable with a senton to the back. Gable falls out of the ring. Riddle blasts him with a PK, followed by a springboard Floating Bro. Riddle and Orton pose as we cut to commercial.

After the break, Gabl and Otis are working over Gable. Orton is steaming on the apron, totally helpless to assist Riddle. Riddle surprises Otis with a Floating Bro. Riddle tags in Orton, who clears the ring. After a distraction from Otis, Gable escapes Orton’s hangman DDT attempt. Gable goes up top. Orton cuts him off. Superplex by Orton. Both men are down after they bounce off the mat with a sickening thud. Orton calls for an RKO. Otis takes out Riddle outside the ring. Otis gets a blind tag. Orton tries an RKO but Gable pushes him into a World’s Strongest Slam. Otis pins Orton.

Winners and NEW RAW Tag Team Champions, Alpha Academy!

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