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Chad Gable Reflects On His Real Life Friendship With Otis Following RAW World Tag Team Title Win

Chad Gable and Otis are a lot more than just a tag team on WWE RAW…they’re best friends.

Last night, Alpha Academy shocked the WWE Universe when they defeated RK-Bro to capture the RAW Tag Team Championships for the very first time.

Chad Gable posted a tweet this morning with the Alpha Academy hashtag, including several photos of himself and Otis alongside a heartfelt note [sic] about his long friendship with Otis outside the ring:

There’s winning championships, and then there’s achieving dreams alongside your best friend.

Otis and I have been talking about a night like last night since we were training for the Olympics together in Colorado Springs in 2011.

The Alpha Academy relationship is much more than a tag team. It’s been a brotherhood for 10+ years.

After getting called up to RAW, I jokingly told Otis there was a house for sale up the street for me if he wanted to move in. Within days, he told me he put it an offer and would be there in a few weeks.

Since then, he’s come over nearly every single day for us to leave puddles of sweat in my garage in some of the grittiest training sessions you could ever imagine, all with the goal of continually making progress in this profession and in life. I could not be happier or more proud of this man.

My protege. My prized pupil. My #1 guy. But most importantly, my friend.

We did it.


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What do you make of Chad Gable’s statement? Were you surprised to see The Alpha Academy capture the RAW World Tag Team Titles last night? Do you think last night was the beginning of the end for RK-Bro? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.