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Shane ‘Swerve’ Strickland Cleverly Referenced On MLW Azteca

Is Major League Wrestling teasing the returns of Shane “Swerve” Strickland and Salina de la Renta to the company?

In the closing moments of last night’s episode of MLW Azteca, the company teased the presence of both Shane Strickland and Salina de la Renta. Check out this excerpt from our results from last night’s episode:

If momentum means anything to Pagano, the violent fighter has momentum on his side for Dallas, TX, but that still leaves the question where is Hammerstone? Bocchini gets word that Sparks is streaming somewhere and sure enough, he’s following that suspicious lucha henchman down to a barricaded area. We see the names “Salina” and “Killshot” taped across other locked doors before we see Hammerstone’s name on another.

For those unfamiliar with how that scene referenced Shane Strickland, the character Killshot was Strickland’s character he played on the wrestling series Lucha Underground. With MLW Azteca borrowing heavy influence from the world of Lucha Underground, this was a neat easter egg that could potentially be teasing what’s to come in Major League Wrestling.

While Salina de la Renta is currently a free agent, Shane Strickland is still in the midst of his 90-day non-compete with WWE. Strickland should be free and clear to join another wrestling company sometime in late February.

Salina was written off of MLW TV earlier this year, but Strickland hasn’t been in MLW since 2019. During his time in Lucha Underground, Killshot was written off after losing a mask vs. mask match at Ultima Lucha Cuatro. The new reference to Killshot could be an Easter egg, but it also leaves the door open for a possible return that could be easily explained due to the nature of the Azteca series. No matter what, the true believers will have to wait and see what happens next.

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What did you think of the teases at the end of MLW Azteca last night? Do you think Shane Strickland or Salina de la Renta could be on their way back to Major League Wrestling? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.