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JTG Pitched An ‘Imaginary Friend’ Gimmick In WWE, Including A Puppet That Only Fans Could See

JTG had plenty of creative ideas that never came to fruition in WWE, including one that would have “seen” him get a new sidekick.

JTG recently sat down with SO CATCH by Hal 2 to talk about his WWE career and a variety of other subjects. When asked about ideas he pitched to the WWE creative team over the years, JTG spoke about the time he pitched having an imaginary puppet character with him backstage that only the audience could see.

“I had pitched the idea to have an imaginary puppet, an imaginary friend by my side that the WWE Universe could only see and hear,” JTG said. “And it was gonna be a muppet, and I was gonna do it backstage. It was going to be similar to the show Big Mouth with the hormone monster where the audience and the character could only see the hormone monster and the hormone monster is making jokes and being witty and all that good stuff.

“So I pitched that idea. They loved it. And then, after a few weeks of talking about the idea, they started getting frustrated with me because I was very passionate. I really wanted to do this. I wanted it to be done right. They just wanted to do a hand puppet. I’m like, ‘No, it can’t be a hand puppet. It’s got to be like a Jim Henson type of production.’ Then after that, the communication just slowed down, and nobody’s returning my emails. So then, a few months later, I see somebody else with an imaginary friend.”

JTG went on to say he believes that WWE creative ended up giving his imaginary friend idea to R-Truth, which gave birth to the “Little Jimmy” character. JTG has talked about the gimmick in the past, explaining that it was similar to the “Hormone Monster” character in Big MouthRead more about why he thought the “foul-mouthed Muppet” would have succeeded at this link.

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What do you make of JTG’s comments? Would you have liked to see this storyline happen on WWE RAW? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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