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JTG Pitched A ‘Rocky V’ Storyline For Himself And Booker T In WWE

JTG reveals that he had the desire to work a storyline with Booker T while both men were wrestling in WWE.

Former WWE Superstar JTG recently sat down with SO CATCH by Hal 2 to discuss a variety of subjects. When talking about ideas he’s pitched to creative over the years, JTG revealed that he had an idea to work with Booker T that would run similar to the movie Rocky V:

“I pitched the idea to work with Booker T,” JTG revealed. “I wanted to do like a Rocky V type of storyline where he takes me as his protege takes me under his wing because we have similar backgrounds and career things. We both came from tag teams, and he’s still got a singles career, and I have my singles career, and he was going to take me into the direction of being a top guy. Then after I get to a certain level, I turn on him and tell him that I don’t need him anymore, I can do it on my own. And then me and him have a big match. I pitched that, the writers liked it, and then I never heard anything else about it.”

When asked about the process of giving creative ideas and hearing nothing back, JTG said at that point he knew when to give up.

“Yeah. That’s when you just stop,” JTG said. “When you double email, like when you email, and you email again. You don’t hear nothing. Then you see them, and you start seeing them avoid you in the hallway. Avoiding eye contact. It’s kind of like Okay, it’s getting awkward now I’m just gonna leave it alone.”

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What do you make of JTG’s comments? Would you have liked to see a feud between him and Booker T in WWE? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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