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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Matt Cardona: I’m The ‘Head Of GCW Talent Relations’; Brett Lauderdale Calls Him ‘Matt Carrano’

Matt Cardona continues to clash with Brett Lauderdale, the owner of Game Changer Wrestling.

Cardona has publicly claimed that he’s been the victim of multiple screwjobs throughout his time at GCW, despite all the buzz he has generated for the company. “The Deathmatch King” even quit the promotion after his loss at GCW Blood on the Hills, but he returned at the “Most Notorious” show on January 15.

Ahead of the sold-out “The WRLD On GCW” event, Cardona has been hyping up the milestone show, especially his match, on social media. In a new post, he noted that his new name is “Matty Ace” because people keep asking for him to help them get into GCW. This name clearly references John Laurinaitis, WWE’s head of talent relations.

Lauderdale, as he has previously, fired back at Cardona by writing, “Matt Carrano” in response to his tweet. Carrano formerly held the position in WWE, but he was fired after Mickie James’ controversial release in 2021; the veteran performer’s personal longings were sent to her in a trash bag, and Carrano was reportedly held responsible.

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