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Brett Lauderdale On GCW Being Attractive To Free Agents, The Feeling Of Unpredictability At Their Shows

GCW owner Brett Lauderdale recently appeared on The Wrestling Observer’s “We’re Live Pal!” to promote the company’s Hammerstein Ballroom event on Sunday, The WRLD On GCW. Asked if The WRLD On GCW is like their WrestleMania, Lauderdale said he might not go as far as calling it their Mania, but there’s certainly a lot on the line.

“This is definitely the biggest show in GCW’s history. I don’t know if I would call it Game Changer Mania. Certainly this could be like our equivalent, at least up to this moment. And yeah this is everything, everything’s on the line, and I can’t think of anything bigger for, not just Game Changer Wrestling, but also independent wrestling. I can’t think of there ever being a bigger show in independent wrestling.”

Lauderdale was asked about getting things to fall into place with the venue, which is one that is a dream for promoters and talent alike. He said that once he took a meeting to see if it was possible to run Hammerstein, GCW put everything on the line to make it happen.

“The Hammerstein Ballroom is one of those places that you know, it’s like a dream for a lot of people, you know. It’s a dream both for wrestlers, fans, promoters, it’s just one of those special places that everybody loves to go and everybody likes to think about, but you know, for 99% of people, you know, it’s nothing more than a dream. And for GCW and for myself personally, it was really nothing more than a dream up until every recently.

“It was always something that I hoped maybe one day we could do that. And I guess I decided several months back, hey, you know, let me reach out and see just so I could at least set a goal, what would it take? [made a meeting, had a walkthrough/checked out the meeting, wanted to put this show in motion and make it a reality] Once I got there, I was willing to take any chance and put it all on the line to make it a reality.”

Over the past several months, more talent has become available and many of them see GCW as a possible landing spot. Lauderdale spoke about GCW having an “anything can happen” feel, as well as explaining why he’d love to work with everyone, but still appreciates that interest from talent.

“There’s definitely a feeling of unpredictability at GCW shows. You know, anything can happen, honestly. And it’s cliche to say it, but really anything can happen at any time at GCW. We don’t have contracts, so we can do anything we want at any time. We can change cards and in addition, you know if you follow GCW closely, you know that a lot of times, there could be three, four matches, half of a card that’s not announced until the week of the show. So I just think that kind of keeps everybody on their toes and just keeps that level of excitement and anything can happen at any time.

“Every day I hear from somebody who’s, well multiple people that wanna come aboard. And yeah a lot of these people are big names, people who are fresh off TV, people who were on TV for years, people who were under contract for years. And so many of these people are super talented, good people as well. And I feel bad because I wish I could work with everybody, but I can’t. There so many of them, you know, and there are times where I can’t even reply to all of them or give them the attention they deserve. But yeah a lot of people want to be a part of it, and I mean, there’s just a lot of people that wanna be involved and it’s always interesting to see who’s next.”

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