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Homicide On Facing Jon Moxley At ‘The WRLD On GCW’: It’ll Be ‘A Big Blast’

Homicide has been wrestling for 28 years, and he’s getting ready for one of the biggest matches of his impressive career.

On January 23, the 44-year-old will challenge Jon Moxley for the GCW World Championship at “The WRLD On GCW”. The sold-out show at the Hammerstein Ballroom is a milestone for GCW, and it also marks another remarkable moment for the former ROH World Champion.

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Homicide previewed this bout by first noting that while his in-ring career is coming to an end, he plans to go out with a bang. He expressed his gratitude for this opportunity at the Hammerstein.

“My time is almost over, but I plan on going out in style,” said Homicide. “This Sunday is going to be a big blast. Pro wrestling’s backbone is the independent circuit, so I’m grateful for the chance to work this big a show for GCW, especially in New York.”

Homicide also stated that he’s thankful for his opponent, Moxley who brought him into AEW in a high-profile spot on the “Grand Slam” edition of AEW Rampage. This brief moment in the national spotlight was a special moment for the veteran, and its importance wasn’t lost on him.

“And, you know, I’m grateful for Mox. He’s the one that brought me to All Elite Wrestling last September [for a run-in on the “Grand Slam” edition of Rampage].

“I was visiting the boys in AEW at Arthur Ashe Stadium, and a bunch of them surrounded me and said, ‘You’re doing something with us.’ I said I didn’t even have my gear. Mox said, ‘I don’t care, you’re doing something with us tonight.’ That Rampage aired the same night I wrestled a GOAT in Minoru Suzuki at a GCW show in Queens. I felt like Rick Rude when he was on Raw and Nitro on the same night. I’m thankful Mox made that happen.”

As for “The WRLD On GCW”, the man known as “The King of New York” will be going all out for his city on Sunday.

“I’ll be going 187% on Sunday,” said Homicide. “It’s going to be emotional, it’s going to be physical, and we’re going to tear it up.”

“The WRLD On GCW” will air on FITE and traditional pay-per-view on October 23. More information is available here.

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