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Richard Holliday Respects Cesar Duran’s Promotion Of MLW Azteca, But That Doesn’t Mean He Likes Him

Richard Holliday and Alex Hammerstone are walking in uncharted territory in Major League Wrestling.

Cesar Duran has become the featured figurehead of the company as he pulls strings as matchmaker but he’s also dug his talons in by implementing MLW Azteca, something very akin to his Lucha Underground days of old. Holliday and the World Champion Hammerstone have been right in the thick of Duran’s deceit and it was Holliday on the January 13 episode of MLW Azteca who saved his friend from being kidnapped by Duran’s henchmen.

Now Holliday is set to take on the unpredictable Pagano on this week’s new episode of Azteca in a Barrio Brawl. It was Duran who had Pagano attack Hammerstone after the two were victorious in a street fight tag match and it’s Holliday who’s seeking revenge for those actions. Before he steps foot onto that Azteca canvas, Richard spoke exclusively with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo. Holliday talked in detail about Duran taking Major League matters over.

“It’s more hostile now that Cesar is kind of taken the reigns on all of this,” Holliday said. “He’s very power-hungry, very manipulative and he’s trying to assert his power. I think he needs to understand that long before he ever got there, MLW was Dynastic and guys like Hammer and guys like myself, we’re not going to put up with his stuff.”

Despite that sense of unease, Holliday’s marketing sense sparks at seeing Duran’s ability to promote.

“Cesar is still a very notorious promoter. At the end of the day, he has a history of being successful. That doesn’t mean that I necessarily like him or that I get along with him or that I like the cologne that he wears because he smells terrible any time I see him but Cesar is Cesar,” he added. It was MLW CEO Court Bauer who appointed Duran as the new matchmaker and DeAngelo asked Holliday about that relationship.

“Different environment. I don’t really know the talks of him and Court or what they do, what they talk about, how they communicate, but that’s not for my knowledge. I can only really control of what I can control.”

Check out our full interview at the top of this post; Holliday will also be at MLW’s Blood & Thunder tapings in Dallas this weekend.

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