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IMPACT Wrestling Results (1/20/22)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, Charlie Haas makes his in-ring IMPACT debut against The Walking Weapon himself, Josh Alexander. Plus Jonathan Gresham puts the ROH Title on the line against Steve Maclin.


January 20, 2022, Dallas, TX

Commentary: Tom Hannifan

Mickie James kicks off the show and joins Tom on commentary as Tom says D’Lo is still recovering.


Tasha Steelz (with Savannah Evans) vs. Chelsea Green

Green immediately starts off on the attacka and stomps on Steelz on the apron. She covers her twice for two two counts. Steelz soon talks trash to Mickie at ringside. She punts Green right in the face for a two count of her own. Steelz goes for a crucifix bomb, but has to audible into a stunner for a near fall. Steelz crashes on top of Chelsea for a body press for another fall, but Chelsea nails her with a package flatliner for a two count of her own. Steelz gets the clean win when she hits her crucifix bomb for the pin.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz

“Another one bites the damn dust,” says Steelz before calling out to Mickie. She congratulates the champ. Steelz says she’s glad she’s done playing with the Barbie dolls and now she’s on the wrong side of the streets where savages like her are lurking. She says they’re going to get dirty and nasty. When she and James finally have their day, she’s gonna send her back to Virginia as a failure. She mentions Empowerrr, Nick Aldis and her son, calling them all failures. Steelz tells Evans to let Mickie James in the ring and the two trade punches. Mickie goes to DDT Steelz, but Savannah comes in and boots her down. She holds Mickie up for Tasha, but Chelsea Green leaps off with a missile dropkick.

Matt Cardona is with Gia Miller. On BTI, he pointed at Jordynne Grace’s Digital Media Championship after she defeated Lady Frost. He tells Gia to consider that a challenge to the champion.


The Influence (with Kaleb With A K) vs. Decay

Influence takes out Decay with a attacks on both as officials check on Rosemary. Medical staff pressures Rosemary to leave and it looks like we may have a handicap match as we head to break.

Sure enough, that’s what it is. Havok starts off hot against Rayne, but the numbers game comes into play. Kaleb with a K joins Tom on commentary. Rayne strikes at Havok in the corner as Havok fights on both women. She tosses Madison to the ground before nailing her with a running lariat in the corner. A double crossbody to Havok gets Influence a two count. Rayne hits a cutter, Tenille nails a shotgun dropkick and the two hit a double team stroke for the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: The Influence

We cut to the IInspiration from Orlando, FL They talk to Tenille and Madison about their own problems: Tenille’s selfishness and Rayne’s indecisiveness. Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay both say they’re the most decorated women’s tag team in all of pro wrestling.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton invite Speedball Mike Bailey into their dressing room. Ace says he thinks they got off on the wrong foot. He hands Bailey his “business card.”

IMPACT teases the debut of “The Quintessential Diva.”


VSK & Zicky Dice vs. W. Morrissey

Double clothesline to VSK & Dice. The two try to fight with Morrissey, but just no match.  Chokeslam to Dice. Powerbomb to VSK. 1-2-3.

WINNER: W. Morrissey

Morrissey gets on the mic and says he’s going to find Moose since he doesn’t want to show up to the IMPACT Zone. Backstage, Scott D’Amore says Morrissey will get his shot at No Surrender. An official walks in to say there’s a matter outside that D’Amore needs to attend to. It’s urgent. Scott leaves and we go to break.

We see it’s the ROH outsiders trying to get in the building with tickets. D’Amore grabs the tickets and makes clear they have skybox seats. They watch the ROH World Title match and leave. The group is escorted by security.


ROH World Championship (Pure Rules)

Steve Maclin vs. Jonathan Gresham (c)

Ian Riccaboni joins commentary. Maclin doesn’t adhere to the Code of Honor and goes for a standing switch, but it’s Maclin who uses the first rope break. Maclin drop toe holds Gresham into the ropes for his own rope break. The two trade hammer locks and Maclin his forced to use his second rope break. Maclin uses a closed fist and he gets a warning.Gresham goes to take down Maclin, but Steve keeps the champ grounded. Butterfly backbreaker for a near fall on the Champ. Gresham has to use his second rope break. Maclin sends Gresham into the corner several times. Maclin hits an Angle slam for a two count.Boston crab to Gresham. He has to use his final rope break. Steve drives his knees several times into the back of Gresham. Camel clutch to Jonathan. Gresham uses the ropes for leverage but nothing doing. Gresham does power through but only to get a body slam. He nails another one too. He slams him a third time for a near fall.

Gresham strikes Steve and then hits a springboard moonsault. He outmanuevers Maclin for a cradle pin, but Steve kicks out. Maclin nails his crosshairs corner spear for a near win, but Gresham kicks out. Gresham works the knee and it causes Steve to use  his final rope break. Strikes and pins are traded. Maclin’s knee gives out and Gresham strikes for a near fall, but the Octopus locks in a figure four. The two trade strikes while Maclin’s in the hold. It gives Maclin a two count. Maclin tangles himself in the ropes. So does Gresham who scales the ropes while in the ring and it gives him the leverage win.

WINNER and STILL ROH World Champion: Jonathan Gresham

Post-match, Maclin doesn’t accept the Code of Honor again as the ROH Five are shown the exit. After break, they are shown leaving the building.


Doc Gallows & Joe Doering (with VBD) vs. Rhino & Heath

Karl Anderson joins commentary for the match. Rhino and Heath start in control as we head to a break. Back from it, the heels are in control until a double lariat allows Rhino to make the hot tag to Heath. A double chokeslam by Gallows and Doering on Heath ultimately gets the pinfall after Deaner uses the VBD flag.

WINNERS: Joe Doering & D0c Gallows


Charlie Haas vs. Josh Alexander

Chris Sabin joins commentary The bell rings and the two grapple up. We get to mat wrestling.  Haas gets to the ropes to get the submmission break before shoulder tackling Alexander down. Drop toe hold and Alexander kicks out of a pin attempt. A boot by Alexander sends Haas to the outside and we head to break.

Back fom break the battle continues as Haas works the left leg of Alexander and wraps it around the ring post. BAck in the ring, Haas continues his attack. He does a side leg lock and the two men trade strikes on the mat. Haas breaks the submission and Alexander nails a rolling senton. Pins are attempted and Haas strikes at Josh only to get a series of German suplexes. Haas returns to the favor with two of his own. Alexander hits Haas with one more and then anther. He can’t bridge for the pin and Haas grounds Alexander to work the leg before attackin ghin the corner with strikes. Haas charges him in the corner for an overhead belly-to-belly. Two count. Haas works the leg only for it to be reversed into an ankle lock. Haas fights for a small package, but Alexander rolls it back around. Haas is forced to submit.

WINNER: Josh Alexander

Post-match, Haas celebrates on Alexande’s behalf but the two are attacked by the ROH Five. Sabin comes in to help out and so does Rich Swann and Willie Mack. Out come Heath and Rhino next. Eddie Edwards comes in with his kendo. Order for IMPACT is restored as ROH makes their exit.

Maria Kanellis gets on the mic and says that they used to be about “honor” but now it’s “Honor No More.”