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Brett Lauderdale: ‘The WRLD On GCW’ Was A ‘Smash Hit’, But I Feel Like I Let People Down

The WRLD on GCW” was widely successful, but Brett Lauderdale, the owner of Game Changer Wrestling, has stated that he’s not thrilled with the way the show went down.

The same day FITE TV announced that the event was GCW‘s most streamed show, Lauderdale took to Twitter to explain why he’s “not happy at all.” Though The WRLD on GCW broke records for the venue and the promotion, Lauderdale shared his belief that he let people down, and he got played somewhere along the way in regards to the show.

“Sunday was a smash hit business wise for gcw [sic],” wrote Lauderdale. “All records shattered and its not even close. But im not happy at all. Feel like I let a lot of people down. Got played and I shoulda known better. Big time learning experience. Gonna work harder than ever to get a 2nd chance.”

It’s unclear exactly what Lauderdale feels he let people down; likewise, he didn’t elaborate about the way he “got played.” The event on Sunday drew some criticism for the rushed main event, which was a result of a hard out on the show’s pay-per-view broadcast. PCO has discussed the way they had to cut a big from the show-opening ladder match due to time constraints, and some bouts, like Matt Cardona’s clash with Joey Janela, received a polarizing reaction.

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