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Randy Orton On His Relationship With Riddle: I’m Having Fun Out There And Staying True To Who I Am As A Heel

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Randy Orton says if you see him smiling in the ring, it means it’s because he’s really enjoying himself.

The Ringer Wrestling Show recently had Randy Orton on as a guest and he spoke about the on-air relationship he shares with Matt Riddle, as well as how he’s been enjoying some of the more ridiculous segments he’s been involved in on WWE TV.

“I think one of the main reasons me and Riddle come across as so happy in the ring together is he’s the one guy that can grow my favorite strain,” Orton said. “I’m not lying, but seriously, I’m having fun out there. Monday they had me put on a graduation cap and gown and everybody — whenever they’re tasking me with some ridiculous stuff, cap and gown, you wouldn’t see Randy Orton in a a cap and gown, right?

“I laugh because I was excited about putting on this cap and gown because I knew the fans were going to be like ‘What the hell is he doing?’ After the career that I’ve had and the somewhat monotonous intensity, I did that for so long, but if I crack a smile and I don’t know, break the fourth wall or whatever it’s called,” Orton noted, “if you can tell I’m having fun out there at this point of my career then I feel like it draws you in more.

Orton went on to explain that he also benefits from having certain perks as a veteran of the WWE locker room, noting that he has more flexibility than others when it comes to some of the rules.

“I was so against letting people in or breaking the fourth wall before in my career. Before it was just ‘Character, character, character, I have to be mean and angry, this and that, intense. They have to believe I really want to rip this guy’s head off.’ And now it’s like I can still do that, but I’ve been around long enough where I get to — I guess I get let off easy when I break character or when I do things that maybe a babyface wouldn’t do.

“There might be a sign in gorilla that says ‘No eye pokes’ and even though in parenthesis it doesn’t say ‘except Randy Orton,’ I know it’s still there, you know what I mean? I get away with sh-t. And I feel like compared to the stuff I used to get away with, if I get away with an eye poke, that’s OK. I’m having fun out there and I’m staying true to who I am as a heel, which is what brought me to the dance, but I’m able to have more leniency with how I do that.”

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