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‘The Mountie’ Jacques Rougeau Recalls The Time He Accidentally Tasered Koko B. Ware

It’s fair to say that wrestlers aim to deliver electrifying performances, but Jacques Rougeau once accidentally took this objective a little too literally.

Rougeau, a former WWF Intercontinental Champion, is still remembered for his run as The Mountie, a character who carried a big “shock stick” with him and often used it on his opponents. The weapon was typically gimmicked, but it still packed a punch.

During an appearance on It’s My Wrestling Podcast, Rougeau recalled a freak accident when he actually tasered Koko B. Ware.

“I took my big shock stick in the dressing room, and it was a real one, people thought it was a work but it was a real one,” said Rougeau. “My friend was a genius mechanic. He took a lawnmower and he took the coil, reverses the wire in there which makes a big flame at the end. When I got in the ring, my stick had two buttons on it. He had the on and off, and underneath you have the emergency button. I wanted to make sure that when I put that emergency off that I didn’t zap someone with, I was afraid of my own stick.

“So anyway, so when I got in the ring with Koko, there we are 20 minutes in the match. He’s soaking wet. He’s doing the job for me. He’s doing me a favor. So he’s lying down in the middle and then I come with my stick and don’t ask me what happened. I must have flipped that pinky off or something. I started zapping him and he’s soaking wet now. He’s starting to shake in the ring and my god, he’s doing a good job and I’m saying to myself, ‘Wow Koko, that’s a great thing to do for me!’ The next thing you know – you know when you burn your skin it smells like pig? So I started to smell that.”

Rougeau then described how, in the moment, he thought Vince McMahon worked up some way to recreate the smell of burnt skin, but he was mistaken. He pointed out that, at the time, Ware was justifiably upset about the incident.

“I’m saying to myself, ‘Wow, Vince is good man! He even has the smell effect! This is really good,'” said Rougeau. “So when I get backstage and then I’m waiting for Koko to thank him so much because he made me look so good. Then it comes out – ‘I’m gonna kill you!’ I didn’t know why! I’m going holy s—, he really wanted to kick my ass!”

Rougeau went on to have a lengthy career in wrestling, and he made plenty of memories, but this story might just take the cake.

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