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Liv Morgan Wants To Get ‘Killed’ By Chucky: ‘That’s Like, Goals For Me Right There’

Liv Morgan has some high hopes for 2022, and one of her goals is to get killed by Chucky.

The WWE RAW star has previously discussed her fandom of the homicidal doll, and she wants to get a role on the second season of “Chucky”.

In an interview with Scott Fishman of TV Insider, Morgan described how she’s actively trying to get a part on the show.

“I love Chucky,” said Morgan. “I’m also petitioning to get myself on Chucky Season 2. I tell the guys at work, ‘Can you guys help me out? We’re on the same network.'”

Morgan emphasized that, more than anything else, her dream is to get killed on-screen by the iconic doll.

“I loved Chucky growing up,” said Morgan. “So if he kills me, that’s like, goals for me right there. I don’t even need a big part. I just want to be killed by Chucky.”

Otherwise, Morgan named winning the RAW Women’s Championship as her ultimate objective in 2022. In a more general sense, she wants to stay positive and present, no matter what comes her way.

“I want to be the champion however I get there,” said Morgan. “That is my be-all-end-all for 2022. That’s what I’m working towards. Maybe also a guest spot on ‘Euphoria’. I want my candles [Shop Live More] to stay in business. Buy my candles.

“Just being happy and learning and staying positive and trying to navigate through this crazy thing we call life. Just enjoy everything we can. I just want to be present. Enjoy the moment while I have it.”

“Chucky” has officially been renewed for a second season, so fans will have to wait and see whether Morgan can make her dream come true.

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