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Matt Hardy Reveals Why Jeff Hardy Turned Down WWE’s Hall Of Fame Offer

Matt Hardy shares why Jeff Hardy wasn’t interested in WWE’s offer to induct him into its Hall Of Fame.

According to a recent report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE offered Jeff Hardy the induction spot and also said that it took about six weeks to get Jeff’s drug test results back. Matt initially confirmed the story on January 31 and said that Jeff was adamant about just wanting his drug test results back to clear his name since he knew it would come back clean.

Speaking during his latest Twitch stream, Matt spoke in more detail about the original report that Jeff was offered a spot in the 2022 WWE Hall Of Fame and said that Jeff turned it down because it was only for Jeff Hardy, and not collectively as The Hardy Boyz.

“Basically the things that I told everyone in the last stream where I gave an update on him, it took several weeks and they [Jeff] had to go through some — they had to jump through some hoops to get his drug test results back. [The test was] obviously negative. He has passed every drug test he has had while he’s been there. The issues that he had in the past were with alcohol and he hasn’t had those in quite a while,” Matt said, “so everything is on the up and up with Jeff.

“And then [WWE] did realize they jumped the gun a little bit whenever they released him [Jeff was released on December 9] before they got these drug test results back. and then it’s strange because they waited weeks and they really had to go after these drug test results to get them back because I guess they knew it wasn’t going to paint them in the best light. But long story short, they offered him to be inducted into the 2022 Hall of Fame,” Matt stated.

Matt’s wife, Reby, then stated that WWE intended it to be just Jeff, stating that specific detail needed to be out there. Reby said that they hadn’t really talked about it before, but it felt like a bit of shade thrown Matt’s way because WWE specifically said it would be just Jeff. Matt then shared Jeff’s response to WWE after the company told them Matt wouldn’t be included in the honor.

“Jeff asked [them], he said ‘So you want to induct me into the Hall of Fame?’ He said, ‘Well let me ask you, I know you guys spoke with AEW. Is this going to be the Hardy Boyz? Is this myself and my brother Matt?’ And they go, ‘Oh, no, no, no, it can’t be Matt. He’s under contract at AEW. It would just be you,’” Matt explained. “And Jeff just said ‘Well, that’s a hard no.’ He stood up for the team of the Hardy Boyz and he came back [to them] with ‘That’s a hard no’ for a response.”

Jeff Hardy’s non-compete clause with WWE will expire on March 9; he already has several appearances booked alongside Matt including a match on March 12 with Big Time Wrestling.

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