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Brock Lesnar Says Wee Man Peacocked Him Before Infamous Table Slam, The Incident Was Not Staged

Brock Lesnar says it was all just good business.

Royal Rumble weekend was eventful for a number of reasons, and one of them featured an incident between Brock Lesnar and Jackass star Wee Man outside of the squared circle. The night before the event saw the reveal of a video of Lesnar slamming Wee Man through a table in a restaurant, and now the “Beast Incarnate” has shed a bit more light on how the whole thing came to pass.

Lesnar appeared on Monday’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show and said that he was dining in a private room at the same restaurant as the Jackass team, and started by sending them a bottle of wine. Lesnar then said he was going to leave the restaurant when Wee Man (real name Jason Acuña) “peacocked” him on the way out, and he knew that there was only one way to handle things with such a rowdy group.

“The next thing I know, [Johnny] Knoxville comes into the back room, breaks my f-ckin’ door down. Yeah, broke my door, the door on the private room and I’m like ‘OK…’ So I come walking out and then I guess in the midst of all of this, they were setting themselves on fire out in the restaurant. I didn’t know that at the time,” Lesnar said, “so I just come out and I’m going home, I’m going to bed. I’m walking out and then Wee Man stands up and peacocks me a little bit,” Lesnar explained. “I just picked him up and went, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna put you down right there’ [pointing to the table].

“So none of it was promo,” Lesnar added. “None of it was staged, nothing. It just turned out to be really fun and good for business.”

Lesnar lost the WWE Championship to Bobby Lashley at the Royal Rumble, but he still won the men’s Rumble later that night to earn a title shot at WrestleMania. He’s set to not only challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania, but he’s also the odds-on favorite to win the WWE title back inside the men’s Elimination Chamber match in Saudi Arabia this weekend too.

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