Brock Lesnar Wins WWE Title At Elimination Chamber, ‘Champion vs. Champion’ Match Set For WrestleMania

brock lesnar
Photo Credit: WWE

Brock Lesnar is the WWE Champion, but Bobby Lashley might have a valid complaint as he didn’t factor into the result of the match.

Bobby Lashley was taken out of the match after Seth Rollins powerbombed Austin Theory into his pod, and it was later explained that Lashley was ruled out due to concussion protocol. Lashley was supposed to enter the match fifth, but Lesnar ultimately kicked through his own pod and proceeded to make quick work of the other four opponents in the match.

Lesnar finally eliminated Theory, who tried to climb through the top of the cage, by hitting an F-5 off of one of the pods to win the title.

Brock Lesnar will now move on to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, a match already confirmed after Lesnar won the 2022 Men’s Royal Rumble. Lesnar elected to challenge Reigns for his WWE Universal Championship, and now WWE is advertising Lesnar vs. Reigns as a “Champion vs. Champion” match.

Check out a full recap of the match from our live coverage page below:

Theory takes a selfie with everyone already in a pod while exclaiming “I’m going to beat you”. Rollins and Theory start the match. Theory and Rollins take turns mocking each other. Rollins eventually hit a sling blade. Fallaway slam by Theory. Theory lands a back suplex. Theory crushes Rollins with slingshot stomp. Fisherman’s suplex by Theory. Rollins responds with a basement superkick. Theory is down. Rollins sends Theory into the chamber over and over again. Rollins powerbombs Theory into Lashley’s pod, breaking it and sending Lashley to the floor.

Lashley is down. Riddle’s pod opens. Riddle lands a suplex followed by a broton on Rollins. Medical professionals check on Lashley in his pod. Rollins works over Riddle. Adam Pearce is in the Chamber to check on Lashley as well. Rollins suplexes Riddle off the top of Lashley’s pod. Riddle kicks out. Lashley is helped out of the pod. Frog Splash by Rollins for another near fall. Styles is released from his pod. Styles clears the ring. Rollins and Styles fight over who gets to superplex Riddle. Theory powerbombs Styles and Rollins off the top. Riddle catches Theory with a floating bro. Riddle hits a double hangman’s DDT. Lashley’s pod is supposed to open but he’s gone.

Lesnar gets upset and kicks his way out of his pod. Lesnar proceeds to F5 and pins Rollins, Riddle, and Styles. It’s announced that Lashley is in concussion protocol and will not return. Theory tries to run away. Lesnar kicks through the pod Theory tries to hide in. Theory low blows Lesnar and hits a DDT for a one count. Theory tries to climb the cage. Lesnar follows and pulls Theory off the Chamber. Lesnar F5s Theory off the top of a pod. Theory is done. Lesnar pins Theory.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar!


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