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Sw3rve The Realest (Shane Strickland) Definitely Interested In Working With AEW, Fans Can Expect Him To Go Anywhere

Shane Strickland is open to working with AEW, or anywhere that allows him to build his resume the way he wants to.

During an appearance on “Casual Conversations with The Classic“, Strickland, who now goes by Sw3rve The Realest, discussed the possibility that he could sign with AEW. He emphasized his willingness to go anywhere now that he has the freedom to do so.

“I’m definitely interested,” said Strickland. “I’m not opposed to going anywhere. There has do be a discussion made, you know, so there has to be that. Things have to be done. Like as we’re talking now, we just saw Cody Rhodes leave, so that’s insane. So yeah you can expect me to go anywhere. You can expect me to pop up….”

Strickland then spoke about having the freedom to go anywhere he wants now, compared to how WWE was a bit more restrictive related to some of the projects he has his name attached to today.

“It’s fun, yeah,” said Strickland. “I really am. I got, like I said, [WWE] moves too slow, I’m ready to bounce around. I’m ready to be big. I got a lot of projects that I wasn’t allowed to really do and really put that time and effort in being with WWE because they want that 100% decoration to their product. And once you build that equity, then you’re free to venture off into places that they allow. So that’s another thing.”

Strickland also looked back on B-Fab’s release and recalled how Hit Row found out about it like everyone else. Read more about his reaction to the situation at this link.

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