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Goldberg Always Felt Like There’s A Bit Of Resentment For Him In WWE Because He Was A WCW Guy

Goldberg says he feels like there’s always been a bit of resentment towards WCW talent in WWE.

Goldberg recently appeared on Dr. Beau Hightower’s YouTube channel and spoke about the perception that Vince McMahon punished most former WCW stars by booking them poorly when they joined WWE. Hightower noted that Goldberg (and Booker T) were arguably the only two guys that got a fair deal in WWE, then asked what Goldberg thinks was the determining factor that made Vince not do that to him as well.

“I always felt that too,” said Goldberg. “And I still believe there’s a tiny bit of that in the back of everybody’s mind because I did work for the competitor during those Monday Night War battles. But I think what has made me successful and also made me hated is the thing that is the determining factor. I was the Mike Tyson of wrestling. My goal was to be something completely different. Black tights, black shoes, I didn’t frickin’ talk for six months. I just squished motherf-ckers.”

Goldberg’s return to WWE in 2016 started a run capped off by wins over Brock Lesnar and two Universal Championship reigns. He said that while he understood the sentiment about former WCW talent, he’s always been a guy that people want to see dominate no matter where he is.

“That’s my job, that’s what I do. That’s what I did. When I was I was younger, you know. Now I just try to. But I didn’t want to be the chain wrestler, I didn’t want to emulate anybody. Now granted the Road Warriors and Nikita Koloff and Brody were extremely influential to me. You know, Hawk was extremely influential to me. So I took little aspects of what they did and I applied it to my idea of the character. I had MMA moves, a lot of them in the beginning.”

Goldberg then went on to speak about using the spear as a finisher and why he’s been so successful with it despite so many people using it over time.

“About 15 to 20 superstars at WWE use it, and I used to hate it, but now I like it,” said Goldberg. “I like it because you see them do it, and then you see the master do it. And there’s a huge difference. And if I like you, I’ll let you live through it. If I don’t like you, I’ll put my head right in the middle of your chest and you’ll be in the hospital. So that was the allure of my character. And it was also like throwing Romans to the lions. You had to sit at the edge of your seat because you had no idea what was gonna happen. And you knew it was gonna happen quickly, but you had to focus and you had to be attentive of what was going on because you’d miss it.

“Paul Wight, the Big Show, and I used to travel around the country doing main event house shows,” said Goldberg. “I’d beat him before the bell rang, and people were on their feet. All they wanted to see was me pick up a 525-pound guy.”

Goldberg challenged Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia. He was unsuccessful in dethroning Reigns, and is now a free agent as it was the final match on his most recent contract with WWE.

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