WWE RAW Tag Title Match Alpha Academy RK-Bro Seth Rollins Kevin Owens
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Triple Threat Tag Title Bout Set For 3/7 WWE RAW

RK-Bro and Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens faced off tonight to close out WWE RAW, and in a big win, Rollins and Owens clinched a shot at the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships. 

The victory came after Rollins and Owens teamed up to take down both Riddle and Orton at the same time. Late in the match, Rollins stomped Orton outside of the ring before hitting a bucklebomb on the superstar. Back inside the ring, Owens landed a Stunner, which Rollins followed up with a Stomp for the win. The victory secured the pair’s admission into a WWE RAW Tag Team Championship match that will take place two weeks from now, on the March 7, 2022 episode of WWE RAW. There, Owens and Rollins will face RK-Bro and the champions, Alpha Academy.

For a full recap of how the match went down, check out below courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Rollins and Owens work over Riddle. Riddle surprises Rollins with a K.lock slam. Riddle tags in Orton The two land an assisted floating bro for a near fall. Orton suplexes Owens on the announce desk. Rollins tosses Orton over the announce desk. After the break, Orton manages to tag in Riddle, lands a flurry of offense, capped with a deadlift German suplex for a two count. Riddle goes up top. Owens crotches him on the turnbuckle. Riddle falls into the tree of woe. Double stomp by Rollins.

Owens tags in and hits a modified Ushigorshi. Riddle kicks out. Owens hits a Swanton followed by a frog splash by Rollins. Riddle kicks out. Riddle tags in Orton. Orton powerslams Owens and Rollins. Orton tries a double Hangman’s DDT but Rollins escapes. Owens eats a DDT. Owens avoids the RKO. Orton falls out of the ring. Rollins Stomps Orton outside the ring. Bucklebomb by Rollins. Owens hits a Stunner. Rollins lands the Stomp for the win.

Winners- Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens

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