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WWE NXT 2.0 Results (2/22/22)

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WWE NXT 2.0 Results

February 22, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

In-Ring Segment: Bron Breakker

Breakker puts over Santos Escobar but he’s on to his next challenge. Breakker is focused on walking into WrestleMania weekend as the NXT Champion. He is going to leave NXT Stand and Deliver as the NXT Champion as well. Dolph Ziggler inturupts and says Breakker isn’t going to make it to Stand and Deliver as NXT Champion. When Ziggler decides he wants the NXT Championship it will be his.

Breakker says he owes Ziggler a receipt for that Superkick last week. Breakker wants Ziggler’s skinny ass now. Ziggler says Breakker is the man… in Orlando. The minute Ziggler walked into this building he became the biggest star here. Ziggler demands Breakker be barred from ringside for this match with Tomasso Ciampa tonight. Ziggler tells Breakker to sit back and watch him work tonight.

Grayson Waller w/Sanga vs. LA Knight

Waller runs away. Knight gives chase. Slingshot shoulder block by Knight. Knight gets tripped into the turnbuckle. Waller tries to use the ropes but gets crotched. Knight sends Waller to the outside area. After the break, Waller is working over Knight.

Knight surprises Waller with a suplex before firing up and landing a series of backdrops. Knight stomps a mudhole in Waller in the corner. Leaping neck breaker by Knight. Knight goes for the BFT but Sanga hooks Waller’s arm to stop Knight from being able to spike him. Waller rolls up Knight for the win.

Winner- Grayson Waller

After the match, Knight attacks Waller. Sanga tries to make the save but he eats a BFT. Knight drops Waller with a BFT as well.

Backstage, Dakota Kai finds a sleeping Wendy Choo. Kai is upset because Choo entered them in the Dusty Cup as a team. Kai tells Choo she has a bad track record with partners and asks why she didn’t tell her about it. Choo says she told Kai’s friend… you know, the one she’s always talking to. Kai is perplexed by Choo choosing her. Kai thinks aloud that maybe things will be different this time.

Toxic Attraction has its own area set up in the arena to watch the entire Women’s Dusty Cup.

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