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Ricky Starks Doesn’t Care About The Four Pillars: ‘I Plan To Be Bigger Than Wrestling, In A Sense’

AEW‘s “Four Pillars” typically consist of Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, Jungle Boy, and MJF, though Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. is also considered a member. This term showcases some of the company’s homegrown talent, but it also excludes other promising stars, like Ricky Starks.

With his impressive promo skills and natural charisma, the reigning FTW Champion, among others, has impressed fans and analysts alike since his arrival in AEW. But he often flies under the radar in conversations about the company’s core group of young performers.

In an interview with Connor Casey of ComicBook, when asked about the “Four Pillars”, Starks criticized the term in the first place by calling it “self-indulgent.” He then made it clear that he plans on being “bigger” than any pillar; in fact, he intends to become bigger than wrestling. For this reason, he doesn’t let talk about the Four Pillars bother him; instead, he uses it as motivation as he continues to reach new heights.

“To me, the whole pillar talk is hilarious in a sense, because it’s so self-indulgent,” said Starks. “It’s nothing that was bestowed upon them. That was just something that came from them. So I usually don’t think about it in that regard. Like, ‘I’m not included in this.’ Who cares? Because to me I’m gonna be much bigger than whatever the pillar is. I’m gonna be much bigger than wrestling, in a sense.

“And so I find it so funny. The conversation is so hilarious because nine times out of 10, ‘Well, don’t forget this and this and this.’ And yeah, don’t forget, y’all. Don’t forget. So I don’t mind it too much. I don’t really try to keep it as a chip on my shoulder, but it is hilarious. I see Jungle Boy’s jumping up on the couch in interviews or Sammy just stepping up on the ledge of something and just his tongue out.”

Starks’ status as a “pillar” might be in question, but he has officially qualified for the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match at AEW Revolution. If he wins, he’ll earn a shot at the TNT Championship, which is currently held by Guevara.

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