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Rohit Raju Explains IMPACT Wrestling Departure, Says Split Was Due To Disagreement On Financial Terms

Rohit Raju was a staple of IMPACT Wrestling’s X-Division for the past several years, but the two sides couldn’t come to terms on an offer that kept him around.

Former IMPACT Wrestling star Rohit Raju recently spoke with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp and delved into his departure from the company earlier this year. Raju said that despite reports to the contrary, his most recent contract was only a year-long extension and he felt like he increased his value in that time.

“Well, I only signed a year extension. So I don’t know where the multi-[year reports] came from. My contract was up at [December] 31st and we just couldn’t agree on money. I felt like I had doubled my value there. No matter what they put me in I was making it work. They put me in with some of the best guys in the world. Cardona, Rocky Romero, Josh Alexander. It didn’t matter if I was doing X-Division stuff. Wrestling FinJuice. I was standing there toe to toe with these people putting on good matches and not only that, but I was reliable and consistent. My promo work, I’m gonna toot my own horn. There was nobody in the company that was touching me. Maybe a couple of guys cut some really good promos, but I was up there.”

Rohit went on to state that he felt like he wasn’t even the same performer as the year prior, then explained how the negotiations with IMPACT went.

“I felt like from the Rohit that had signed even a year prior to my X-Division run wasn’t the same guy. I had wanted this amount, they said ‘No,’ of course and they offered me this amount. I was like, ‘Hell no.’ I felt like it was really low. I said I won’t do anything for less than this. They said, ‘Sorry, man. We can’t do it.’ I said, ‘Okay, I guess we’ll just part ways.’ We parted ways and that’s it. That’s what happened.”

Rohit said he loved his time with the company and didn’t leave on bad terms, it just came down to not agreeing on money and “it is what it is.”

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