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Vince McMahon Doesn’t Think Much About Who His Successor Will Be, Reflects On Getting ‘A Second Of Thanks’

WWE might not run in the family forever if Vince McMahon deems another person more suitable for the position.

Vince McMahon was a guest today on The Pat McAfee Show to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When McAfee joked that Vince was probably going to live forever, McMahon stopped for a moment of reflection and hoped before he died that he would get the opportunity to thank everyone for everything.

“My mom was 101 when she passed away, and that’s a benchmark,” Vince McMahon said. “But I don’t know. I could get hit by a bus today, and if I do, I want one second before I kick to say thank you to everybody. Just the opportunity to live in this country to — all of it. I just want to be thankful that you are alive and appreciate the fact that you’re alive. I get some times more out of life by taking one big, deep breath more than most people do in a lifetime. They just don’t understand, to have the privilege of being able to understand what all that means, and not take it for granted all the time. So I think if I get wiped or whatever, hopefully, there’s at least one second I would say thanks.”

When asked if he thinks about who is next in line to run WWE, McMahon admits he really doesn’t think about it a lot, but regardless of whether it’s a family member or not, he wants it to be someone who’s best for the business itself.

“No, I don’t think about it a lot,” Vince McMahon said. “Hopefully, if you built something, you want it to continue on and prosper and grow. Whether if that’s with a family member or without a family member. Because my view is the business is best for everybody whether you’re a part of it or not a part of it. And you have to treat it as such you have to be objective, and look at family members, whoever it is just like you would other employees and quite frankly, I probably have expected more from my family members, which might not be the right thing. But nonetheless, you have to do the right thing for the business. So if this person is not working out, then they shouldn’t be a part of the company.”

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What do you make of Vince McMahon’s comments? Should people read between the lines of what he’s saying when it comes to who will be running WWE in the future? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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