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CM Punk Wins Dog Collar Match At AEW Revolution, Wardlow Turns On MJF

CM Punk finally got revenge on MJF, picking up a win in a brutal and bloody Dog Collar Match at AEW Revolution.

MJF pulled one over on fans to start the match as he entered to Punk’s “Cult Of Personality” theme before switching to his own. Punk then entered to a track that is familiar to Ring Of Honor fans, AFI’s Miseria Cantare, and wore the white basketball shorts from his run in ROH.

Wardlow got involved towards the end of the match, coming to ringside when MJF called for him. Wardlow feigned like he couldn’t find the Dynamite Diamond Ring when MJF asked for it, then turned on his former employer and gave the ring to Punk before leaving.

Check out a recap from our live coverage page below:

Dog Collar Match: CM Punk vs. MJF

MJF enters to Punk’s “Cult of Personality”, while Punk comes to the ring with a special entrance of his own; “Miseria Cantare” plays Punk to the squared circle, and he’s wearing his classic Ring of Honor gear.

MJF whips Punk with the chain, but Punk chokes him with it. “The Second City Saint” wraps the chain around the turnbuckle and traps MJF. The veteran stomps MJF’s hand and punches him. “The Salt of the Earth” rallies and whips Punk with the chain. Punk is already busted open, as MJF grinds the chain against his face.

MJF grabs a microphone and tells Punk to tell the fans he wants to quit, “just like you quit on me.” Punk instead tells him to “eat s—.” Punk, his face covered in blood, headbutts MJF between the legs. He blasts MJF with the chain, but the Pinnacle leader gouges his wound and locks in a chain-assisted sleeper hold.

Punk targets MJF’s hand several times, and it becomes a clear weakness. MJF counters the GTS and locks in his signature arm-bar. Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice, but MJF turns it into a pin attempt to escape. “The Second City Saint” wraps a chain around his knee and blasts MJF with a Shining Wizard. MJF is bleeding, and Punk wraps the chain around his eyes.

Punk keeps hitting MJF and busts him wide open. MJF dodges a knee strike, so Punk crashes knee-first into the steel steps. With an injured leg, he’s unable to hit the GTS. Punk rocks MJF with a Tombstone onto the apron.

MJF gets a bag of tacks. He dumps them out and goes for Punk’s own running bulldog. Punk bites his way out and blasts MJF with a kick to the head. MJF still manages to superplex Punk onto the tacks. “The Salt of the Earth” screams for Wardlow comes to the stage, but he has seemingly forgotten the Dynamite Diamond Ring. Punk hits the GTS and looks at Wardlow, who pulls out the ring after all. He leaves it for Punk and walks away. Punk blasts MJF with the ring and pins him for the win.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match, Punk makes it clear that he wants to chase the title by doing the championship taunt around his waist.

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