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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Thunder Rosa Is In A Must-Win Situation Against Britt Baker: It’s In My Hometown, I Have No Choice

Thunder Rosa is coming for gold and according to her, she has no other option.

AEW star Thunder Rosa recently spoke with the San Antonio Express-News to discuss her steel cage match next week against AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker. Rosa says it’s a must-win for her to win the title in her hometown of San Antonio and she’s dedicating her match to everyone who was told they weren’t good enough.

“I am doing this for all of those people who have been ostracized, rejected and told no,” Rosa said. “I just keep reminding people that good things can happen. I have never had anything given to me. Nothing.

“People told me I was never gonna be a star, that I was never gonna make anything of myself. But here I am. I have a very important match and I have to win. I have to win. It’s in my hometown. I have no choice.”

Thunder Rosa also spoke about how she got to AEW and how she ran her own promotion, Mission Pro Wrestling, during the pandemic. She noted that it’s still going despite being in AEW because she’s passionate about providing an outlet for an all-women’s promotion, and Khan supported that.

“Tony Khan knows what he’s doing, and he knows me,” Rosa said. “When I talked to him I was very honest … and I think he allows me to work on the Mission Pro because he knows this is one of my very, very big passions in life.”

Thunder Rosa is set to challenge for the AEW Women’s Championship against champion Britt Baker on the March 16 St. Patrick’s Day Slam edition of AEW Dynamite. This match will be a Steel Cage match and takes place a day shy of the one year anniversary of her Lights Out match with Baker in 2021.

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