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Lita: I’m At Peace If Becky Lynch Match Was My Last, But I’m Training In Case WWE Calls Me Again

WWE Hall of Famer Lita returned to the ring at the Elimination Chamber premium live event in February; she unsuccessfully challenged Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship. Despite her defeat, many fans were impressed with Lita’s performance and subsequently hoped to see the legend come back for another bout.

During an appearance on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves, Lita reflected on her match with Lynch and noted that she’d feel at peace if this bout was her last, but it also helped her see that she could still perform at a high level.

“I think the whole thing, it was so poetic and I felt like the fans had wanted that moment for so long,” said Lita. “And I didn’t realize that I wanted, needed or would feel a sense of satisfaction from having that moment, you know. I always maintained no I’m happy with my career, I’m satisfied, like you guys do your thing, girls. I just love watching the progress and watching you guys keep smashing glass ceilings. And I do believe that but I was like oh, like I won’t lie, that felt good and I did give me a sense of like peace having that as like that’s my last match, if that’s my last match, right? But it made me feel peace moving forward.”

The former WWE Women’s Champion that it’s “really nice” to have such a remarkable contest potentially be her last match, but if she does return to the ring again, she feels like she has a “clean slate now.” Speaking of which, the fan-favorite explained that, since her comeback began at the WWE Rumble Rumble, she’s been training in order to prepare for another potential match. The veteran pointed out that she just wants to be ready if the company calls on her again.

“I shifted gears once I got the call from Rumble,” said Lita. “And I did decide, I was like oh, I think my body feels better when I pull the leisurely [training] down a little bit so I do want to continue to train. Not actively for a championship, but knowing that the way WWE works, too, is that you get those opportunities a lot of times without notice. And one thing I wished I had just a little bit more time to prepare. And so if I’m closer to being ready, my body already feels good , and if there’s an opportunity to seize that fifth title run, I’m ready.”

When explicitly asked whether she wants to keep wrestling, Lita expressed her excitement the possibility and noted that this mindset is a departure from her previous stance.

“I’m just honestly like taking this all as it comes,” said Lita. “I’d be stoked I think to do something else whereas prior, I’d be like no, no, no. And now I’m questioning like were you being honest with yourself or was that just how you felt then and this is how you feel now? Because I’m all about changing your opinion, don’t back yourself into a corner just because you said I’m done or I’m not done.”

Lita went on to share her belief that she could compete in several “fun matchups” with the current generation. Time will tell whether these dream matches will become a reality.

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