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Chavo Guerrero Says ‘Young Rock’ Tries To Highlight The Fun Parts Of Wrestling, Season Two Will Feature More In-Ring Work

Young Rock is for everybody.

Former WWE star and Wrestling Coordinator of NBC’s hit series ‘Young Rock’ Chavo Guerrero, alongside fellow former WWE star Al Snow, recently spoke with WrestleZone’s own Bill Pritchard. Chavo would delve into his role on the show, noting that season two will feature more wrestling, which has been raved about by wrestling and non-wrestling fans alike.

Young Rock is a fun show,” Chavo said. “You watch the show and in 30 minutes it’s gone. It’s great, we got a lot of the old-time wrestlers and some new ones — and not to give anything away but we did some more wrestling this season and everybody’s loving the wrestling, not just wrestling fans, everybody. The Old Samoans, Iron Sheik and Rocky Johnson, we really touched on that stuff and it’s fun, it’s a fun, fun show. So, NBC, March 15th, check it out, season two’s starting and we went a little deeper for sure and it’s a fun show to watch.”

Snow would then chime in with his thoughts on the show and why he enjoyed the opening season because it didn’t hit you over the head with a certain theme, yet remained a family show at heart.

“It’s not like a lot of shows now that try and be preachy or whatever or other things. It just is what it is, it’s a fun, comedy show and it’s a prop with a family. It’s a family show,” Snow said, “it’s about family and some of the weird, crazy things that you gotta go through because you’re living a life that not a lot of others have to live. You don’t have a typical 9-5 type of job and there’s interesting things that occur because of all the personalities that are involved as well. Some of these guys are as big and larger-than-life personalities outside of the ring as they are in.”

Chavo would then add to Snow’s sentiments, saying that a good chunk of the wrestling business are positive stories and encounters and while shows like Dark Side Of The Ring are necessary, they only portray a very small portion of the business.

“It’s true, it’s pretty true. Wrestling, right now is in a resurgence and it’s all over the place and you see things like Dark Side of The Ring, we love it and those stories are a part of wrestling but that’s like five percent of wrestling but 95 percent of wrestling is awesome, it’s great, it’s fun, that five percent are tragedies and are really dark parts of wrestling but it’s so few and far between. I love that show [Dark Side] and I was part of it for some things, but wrestling’s so awesome, 95 percent of it is so amazing and that’s what we try to touch on with Young Rock.”

Snow echoed Chavo’s thoughts and admitted while there were certainly some dark times, he wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I agree with Chavo, and Chavo could probably relate to it more than I could because he grew up [in the business] like The Rock but there’s no other way to live, you know? Quite honestly, I don’t think either one of us would change any bit of the life we had, as many challenges there are, they’re dark times and there’s hard times,” Snow noted, “but it’s some of the most ridiculous and absurd things and you just gotta laugh. And that’s one of the things I like the most when I watch Young Rock, I can tell all of the stuff that you’re seeing on there it’s like ‘of course, that happened, it’s the wrestling business.”

Both Guerrero and Snow are set to star in Broken Icon Comics’ newest comic ‘The Adventures of Al Snow & Head’ and more information about the project’s Kickstarter can be found by clicking HERE.

Stay tuned for our full interview with Chavo Guerrero and Al Snow on WrestleZone soon, and you can watch season two of Young Rock on NBC when it premieres on Tuesday, March 15.

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