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Al Snow Recruits Chavo Guerrero For His Latest ‘Adventure’ In The Old West

Al Snow is bringing Head, Chavo Guerrero and Pepé to the old west for a new Adventure. 

Al Snow and Chavo Guerrero recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about their new comic book project, The Adventures of Al Snow and Head ft Chavo Guerrero JrThe book is the second comic for Snow, and he explained why it made sense to recruit Guerrero for the latest endeavor.

“I was approached by Eric Watkins at Broken Icon Comics awhile ago about creating a comic book story, it’s on the wrestling characters but it’s not about wrestling per se. All of the adventures pretty much happen in my own mind type of thing because I’m a little bit off. So, there are two different titles, the first was The Ballad of Al Snow & Head which is set in a post-apocalyptic world, and I think I’m running a detective agency. I overhear that a barmaid has lost her heart to somebody, meaning she fell in love with him,” Snow explained, “but I think someone stole her heart so I take the case and decide to go retrieve it. They don’t want my help but I really wanna help them.

“Eric approached me about wanting to do the old Marvel team-up comic books and asked if I had anybody that I could suggest and I immediately thought of Chavo [Guerrero] because I remembered Pepe thought it would be cool if we were to do a western story. So, Chavo and Pepe and me and Head. So, we sat down and wrote, and it’s a pretty cool story and the artwork is just absolutely amazing. One of the little details is whenever you see Chavo with Pepe, there’s a little cloud and you can’t tell he’s on the horse, it looks like he’s riding a real horse. They’re a lot of fun and it’s a different kind of story and they’re wrestling characters but kind of reimagined in a different light and the people working on it are heavy hitters in the comic book industry and I’m just blown away by some of the amazing artists and the inkers and the letterers that have worked on this book. It’s very flattering and when you see the artwork and the quality of the books that Eric put together, it’s really creative.”

Chavo then pointed out that pro wrestling and comic books are a great combination, and said that the Western theme made too much sense where joining the project was a no-brainer.

“[Pro wrestlers] are, in a sense, comic book heroes and superheroes. So, when Al approached me to team up with him and Eric on this, it was a no-brainer. Not only can I work with my buddy Al, at the same time have both of our characters and our alter-egos in a sense with Pepe and Head kind of be immortalized in a western to where we’re both playing it pretty straight but he’s got this Head character and I got this Pepe thing with me,” Guerrero said. “We just kind of think it’s normal and we’re playing it pretty straight. It’s a serious comic with some fun stuff sprinkled in.”

Snow then went on to explain how there are several nods to their respective careers, and praised how the book is very much a Western, but it just happens to feature wrestling personalities.

“Unlike a typical wrestling comic book, it’s not about what happens in the arena, it’s a different gimmick, it’s totally a western adventure. To Chavo’s point, It’s played straight, the only thing that’s different is he’s riding around on a stick horse and I’m carrying this Head thing. That’s it, other than that, everything else is pretty much straight forward,” Snow explained. “The artist made Chavo look like a real badass in this comic book, just because of the Pepe gimmick when Eric was asking everything I was like ‘we should do a Western!’ I’ve always wanted a couple movies and since I was a kid I always wanted to be a cowboy in a movie and never got to do that so it was a lot of fun.”

Learn more about the project by visiting the comic’s Kickstarter campaign page. Supporters can unlock perks such as retro variant covers, autographed comics from Al and Chavo and much more.

The synopsis is as follows:

“Approached by citizens of Judgment City with tales of oppression and abuse from the local robber-baron, Richard Murdoch. Chavo mounts his trusty steed, Pepe, and heads off to find his partners, Al and Head. Saddle up for a different kind of journey, into a different kind of mind.”