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Anthony Henry Can’t Complain About NXT Experience, Glad To Reunite The Workhorsemen In AEW

Professional wrestler Anthony Henry was recently a guest on the Shining Wizards Podcast, where he spoke about his All Elite Wrestling appearances last year, teaming up with JD Drake, and more.

Check out some of the highlights below:

On his AEW appearances:

I’ve done a couple things, obviously with (AEW) Dark. I wrestled (Eddie) Kingston shortly after my WWE Release, and more recently, Lee Moriarty. Both those matches got a good amount of praise, which is always a great thing coming into a product like AEW. But this was different. For the longest time, we have kind of been like pushing and nudging towards trying to do this on a bigger scale, (JD) Drake and I, because we’ve been teaming for years now and we both know it’s a bigger deal for both of us when we’re together. Finally being able to do this on a big platform like AEW, against two of the best wrestlers ever, ya know, it’s been wild. It’s been great. I have no complaints.

On teaming up with JD Drake in AEW:

It’s awesome, man. It’s so awesome. It’s why we’ve been pushing it, because we feel like it’s something special. When I initially got signed – I don’t know how many people know this – but Drake was there at the same tryout that I was at where I got signed. And he didn’t make it because of medical reasons, a knee issue, that, of course, ended up being nothing. Anyway, he didn’t get signed, and I got signed, and that broke up the team. It was sad to me that I wasn’t going to experience it with my friend. So then, some time passes by and I’m doing my thing and he gets signed there (AEW), then I get released and I come there, but he’s doing the wingman, so I’m like “crap, it’s not going to happen.” Then Tony Khan made it happen, anyway, so as far as I know, it was Tony Khan’s idea. That’s what I was told, so that’s what I’m going with, so I just think it’s really cool. And I didn’t know it was going to happen, and honestly, when it did happen, I thought they were just going to pop us up on tv and that was going to be that. Surprise or whatever. Then they actually did the graphic with our name on there, The Workhorsemen, and I was like, “oh, man, this is so cool.”

On his time in NXT:

It was great. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for more as far as the actual experience. I went in and got to train everyday with great minds. I got to get paid to do this. And I got paid to go workout and get better at what I do. And I do think I came in, not that I wasn’t good, but I came in at a certain level, and I walked out at another level, and it was a couple steps up. I truly believe that and it’s just because of the great minds there and how they run things. So, my experiences there were great. I can’t complain. I was on TV a month into me getting there, and I got the luxury of being on TV every single week. So, I had exposure. I got to learn how to work the tv style, and it’s different, honestly. So there’s something to work in that style. I can’t complain. I honestly can’t. The only thing I can complain about is how it ended out. That’s it.

The Workhorsemen faced off with Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley on the March 9 episode of AEW Dynamite; the match served as the in-ring debut for both respective teams in AEW. Check out full results from the show at this link.

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