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Happy Corbin On Sami Zayn’s Feud With Johnny Knoxville: ‘I Don’t Know How You Take Him Down’

The worlds of “Jackass” and WWE have been colliding as of late due to the ongoing feud between Sami Zayn and Johnny Knoxville

WWE superstar Happy Corbin recently joined The Johnny Dare Morning Show on The Rock! 98.9 FM to give his opinion on the rivalry and the looming match between Knoxville and Zayn at WrestleMania 38. Speaking on the feud between the two, Corbin recalled how the “Jackass Forever” star shared the former champion’s phone on a plane banner. The 2019 King of the Ring winner noted that Zayn’s phone has been ringing off the hook lately, and “The Master Strategist” sometimes can’t even make simple phone calls.

“Sami’s phone is in the locker room while we’re doing the show,” said Corbin. “And it rings, and gets texts and FaceTimes 24/7. It’s so funny, because he can’t even answer calls at times because so many calls are coming in. Like, it’s not a joke, his text messages said like, 9,000 something something text messages, and then it just went to an exclamation point, it no longer said a number.”

Corbin also touched on his own friendship with the crew behind the “Jackass” series, and he admitted that he isn’t sure how Zayn can compete against guys like that.

“I don’t know how you take him down,” Corbin said of Johnny Knoxville. “I’ve been around him. I used to be really good friends with Ryan Dunn, and would run around with those guys, and them hitting each other with the cattle prod, between sets of filming the show and stuff like that, I’m just like ‘Dude, don’t you guys just take a timeout ever?’ And they don’t, so I just don’t know how you win this war with them.”

Zayn and Knoxville will clash at WWE WrestleMania 38, and “The Master Strategist” recently added an Anything Goes stipulation to the bout.

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